ROUNDTABLE (Batch 3): Who has more to lose on Saturday at UFC 204, Michael Bisping or Dan Henderson?

Dan Henderson (artist Grant Gould © MMATorch)

This week’s latest Roundtable Topic: Who has more at stake in Saturday’s main event? Dan Henderson, to avoid looking like he stuck around too long? Or Michael Bisping, who risks failing to avenge his most devastating loss and could invalidate his recognition as a serious Middleweight Champion? The following is the third of three batches of responses from the MMATorch Team.

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FRANK HYDEN, MMATorch contributor

Michael Bisping is the only one with something at stake here. It’s well-established that Dan Henderson has stuck around for too long. Anyone who denies that just hasn’t been paying attention. So he’s playing with house money here. Nobody should expect him to beat Bisping. That would be a crazy leap to make. That’s why all the pressure is on Bisping. If this were the old Dan Henderson rather than just an old Dan Henderson, it would be a completely different story. That’s not to say that Henderson can’t beat him, but Bisping should be a huge favorite. If Bisping loses here, it makes him look pretty bad. Losing to a 46 year old man shouldn’t happen to a champion.

MATTHEW PETERSON, MMATorch contributor

I’d have to go with Bisping having more to lose this weekend. It’s hard not to be a little impressed by his recent success, having beat Anderson Silva and knocking out Luke Rockhold. If he loses to Henderson, his title win will be called a fluke and it’s hard to see him getting another shot like he did. Henderson has already stated he plans on retiring and regardless of the result; after the fight, he’s riding off into the sunset. Henderson has won so many belts that even without a UFC title, his legacy will stand as one of the best. Bisping needs the belt to cement his status and a win over Henderson might just replace the memory of the last fight.

JOEL WIELENGA, MMATorch contributor

Michael Bisping has a lot more at stake. Henderson is going to retire after the fight, win or lose. For the champ to prove that he is a real champion, he needs to get a defense under his belt. Maybe most importantly, he needs to avenge the biggest and most brutal loss of his career. Should Bisping lose to a guy who is about to retire without ever have defending his title, then his legacy and validity as a champion both take a huge hit.

MICHAEL GROCKE, MMATorch contributor

Michael Bisping has more at stake on Saturday night as he prepares to take on Dan Henderson. Bisping himself has admitted there is massive pressure on his shoulders. He’s fighting in front of his own fans and on his home turf for the first time as Middleweight Champion, not to mention against a man he’s already lost to. He would be feeling the pressure even if he was stepping into the cage against a sack of potatoes, let alone the always-dangerous Dan Henderson.

Hendo is stepping into the Octagon as an active fighter for the last time on Saturday night. He has made it clear that after the fight, win or lose, he is hanging up the gloves. Henderson’s accomplishments include winning a UFC tournament at UFC 17, winning a Rings King of Kings tournament, holding titles in two different Pride FC weight classes, and holding the Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Title. He’s never held the UFC Middleweight title. Win or lose, after the fight on Saturday night, Dan Henderson will leave it all behind, and I believe him.

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