ROUNDTABLE (Batch 3): How should UFC use Cyborg? As a special attraction at 140 lbs? Exclusively for Invicta? Or open a 145 lb. division?

Cris Cyborg


How should UFC be using Cris Cyborg? As a special attraction at 140 lbs? Exclusively for Invicta? Or should UFC open a 145 lb. women’s division?

Christopher King

Cris Cyborg is a 145 lb. fighter, make no mistake about that. They need to build a division around her and cash in. Having these fights that are not in any official weight class does the UFC and the fighters themselves no good at all. Cyborg will have severe medical issues if she tries to get down to 135 lbs. and she could loose everything she has worked hard on if she is not careful.

Nick Grinups

The UFC needs to allow her to fight at 145 lbs., whether that is in the UFC or Invicta. It is not fair to her to make her cut a tough, extra five pounds to fight no one worth mentioning.  If the UFC did decide to make a new weight class for her, they will have a dominating champion who will and has already attracted many fans across the globe.  But to make a women cut an extra five pounds is unnecessary unless it was a Ronda Rousey, Holly Holm, or Meisha Tate fight.

Matt Ecochard

Seeing Cris Cyborg make the early weigh-in walk should be proof enough that she can’t keep cutting those extra five pounds. She looked like a grandma trying to walk, except she didn’t have a cane. I see the UFC’s side of not creating a 145 lb. women’s division because it really seems like there would be no competition for her there, either. Invicta is a great show, but enough eyes won’t be seeing her fights then, either. It’s a tricky situation, but the UFC should end up with a 145 lb. division as some fighters from 135 lbs. will move up so there should be enough bodies to fill in the gaps.

D.R. Webster

They should use Cyborg as a special attraction in the UFC. She is almost like a female Brock Lesnar, an attraction which doesn’t really need a belt or to be in a division, someone people want to watch anyway. So just have her taking on the big fights at 140 lbs.

All of her possible big matches are currently at 135 lbs. against the likes of Ronda Rousey, Miesha Tate, Holly Holm, etc. However, she has well-documented struggles with cutting weight and going to 135 lbs. could see a lesser version Cyborg which would affect her drawing power and mystique, which is no good for her and no good for the UFC. These fights could still happen at 140 lbs. without the rest of the 135 lb. division getting in the way.

All of this said, she could also be the centerpiece attraction for a new 145 lb division if that’s something the UFC wants to introduce. If they build that division around her, it would further cement her legacy in the sport long term.

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