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John Gooden and Dan Hardy have the call.

(1) Rustam Khabilov vs. Leandro Silva (Lightweight 155 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Khabilov looked stoic but focused waiting for the fight to begin. The first strike to connect was a stiff body kick from Silva. Khabilov looked for opportunities to counter with a big right hand. Khabilov landed two leg kicks and slowly back Silva against the cage. Khabilov failed at a takedown attempt. He tried again and got a single but couldn’t complete it. Khabilov missed a flying knee. Big left from Silva sent Khabilov reeling and Silva got a takedown and top position. Khabilov reversed and ended up in Silva’s guard. Landed some elbows from top as the round ended. 10-9 Khabilov

ROUND TWO: Both men landed good combinations in the opening minute. Silva not concerned having his back to the cage most of this fight. “Rustam” chant from the crowd. Silva landed a two punch combo and then worked in some jabs. Khabilov tried for a takedown against the cage and got it with a minute left. Silva had a tight grip, not allowing Khabilov to posture up. Khabilov able to get very short elbows in. Round ended, not a lot of damage done on the ground. 10-9 Silva, he was better standing and neutralized him on the ground. 19-19

ROUND THREE: Silva controlled the center of the cage and threw some kicks to start the round. Silva landed a body kick but had to defend a takedown as a result. Very good takedown defense as Khabilov has strong wrestling. They both danced around for a bit until Khabilov tried for another takedown but had a lot of trouble getting him down. He eventually got it with Silva against the cage. Silva got up quickly and Khabilov eventually broke with a minute to go. Silva tried to goad Khabilov into a brawl. Silva missed a takedown and Khabilov made him pay with some body shots at the end of the round. 10-9 Khabilov, 29-28.

Result: 29-28 x2 and 30-27 for Khabilov

Hiscoe’s Analysis: Close fight that saw Khabilov implement his wrestling just enough to get the win. Silva showed good takedown defense but needs to be more aggressive standing. Khabilov asked for a top 10 opponent in his post-fight interview. (**)

(2) Scott Askham vs. Jack Hermansson (Middleweight 185 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Hermansson got a good reaction from the crowd during Buffer’s intro. Two tall middleweights fighting here. Both men active but neither landed much for the first two minutes. Hermansson used low kicks to keep him at bay. Askham used his reach to get a good body punch. Hermansson went for a takedown but couldn’t get it. They clinched against the cage with neither getting much position. Hermansson got some uppercuts in. They separate and go back to trading shots from a distance. Askham tried a superman punch that missed and got a clinch. He landed some knees while working for a takedown. They broke apart just as the round ended. 10-9 Askham.

ROUND TWO: Askham got cut in the corner of his right eye but remains aggressive. Hermansson with a nice right hand two minutes in. Askham grabbed a single but let it go. Askham took some big shots right after against the cage. They clinched and Hermansson followed up with more punches. Big uppercuts from Hermansson. Clinched again and Hermansson got some knees and uppercuts. Hermansson jabbing him late in the round and more uppercuts from the clinch. He dragged Askham down and then ended up in an odd position that saw Askham grab a heel hook but the round ended. 10-9 Hermansson. 19-19.

ROUND THREE: Hermansson with fast combos to the body to open the round. Another odd takedown that sees Hermansson end up with position. Askham again went for a leg lock but Hermansson stood up and worked the body. Hermansson worked for a mount. Another leg lock attempt that was close but they stand up. Hermansson hurt him with an elbow against the cage and followed up with more punches. Two huge right hands from Hermansson but Askham didn’t go down. Hermansson worked a tired Askham against the cage, breaking apart momentarily to throw shots. Askham with a guillotine attempt that got Hermansson to the ground briefly but he got up. Askham held him against the cage. Round ends with some more big shots by Hermansson. 10-9 Hermansson. 29-28.

Result: 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 Hermansson.

Hiscoe’s Analysis: Hermansson put on a good show here  in his debut and Askham showed heart and resilience as he took some big shots in the final round. He said he wants someone in the “middle of the middleweight division” in his post fight interview. Entertaining fight (***).

(3) Jarjis Danho vs. Christian Colombo (Heavyweight)

ROUND ONE: Danho with a big right hand to open and followed up with a takedown attempt. Colombo defended well. Danho threw another huge overhand right that missed. Danho cracked him with a right but Colombo ate it well. Danho got him against the cage but ate a knee on the way out. Colombo looking slow in his offense. Danho engaged a clinch and got two good left hands during breaks. Colombo tried for a guillotine standing and backed him up with a left hand. The taller Colombo able to control Danho’s wrists in the clinch and landed knees. Colombo cut him with an illegal knee. Danho’s hand was barely down. Ref took a point for the foul. 10-8 Danho including the point deduction.

ROUND TWO: Danho looks to have recovered from the knee. Big left hand from Danho against the cage. They clinched and Colombo got a big knee on the break. Danho got Colombo down but ate a knee in the process. He worked punches on the ground and sent him reeling once back on the feet. Danho looked to be playing the hand on the mat game when he thought a knee was coming. He took more knees standing. Against the cage and Danho played the game again so Colombo just punched him in the head. Danho looking tired with a minute to go in the round. He landed an uppercut but not with the force he had in the first. More knees against a bent over Danho. 10-9 Colombo, 19-18 Danho overall.

ROUND THREE: Danho looking tired still. More hands on the floor games. They traded shots against the cage. Colombo tried for a guillotine against the cage standing. Colombo made Danho carry his weight against the cage, mixing in knees and punches while looking for the guillotine. Danho got a left hand but Colombo was able to walk through it. Colombo went for a submission but Danho reversed and got top position. Danho with a second wind and threw some big punches that cut Colombo. The burst was short lived as Danho began to look tired again while taking occasional knees against the cage. Danho held him against the cage as the round closed. 10-9 Colombo. 28-28 Draw.

Result: 29-27 Colombo, 28-28, 28-28 Majority Draw.

Hiscoe’s Analysis: Colombo deserved the win and Danho lucked out by gaming the system. That was a weak version of a downed opponent so a warning would have been appropriate and Danho should have been warned for playing that game throughout the fight. OK fight but like heavyweights often do, they got tired late in the fight. (**).

(4) Taylor Lapilus vs. Leandro Issa (Bantamweight 135 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Issa tried relentlessly for a takedown for three and a half minutes and couldn’t get it. Lapilus then unloaded on him for the rest of the round with equal relentlessness. 10-9 Lapilus.

ROUND TWO: Lapilus dominated the striking game again and defended Issa’s takedown attempts. He looked very confident and picked his shots well. Not afraid to turn up the heat when openings presented themselves. Lapilus took a body clinch and they went to the ground late in the round. Issa had a guillotine briefly but he got out. 10-9 Lapilus. 20-18.

ROUND THREE: Issa went for a takedown early probably knowing he has no chance to win this fight standing. Lapilus defended well but couldn’t get any space. They broke apart at the midpoint of the round. Issa just tried to not get hit at this point. Went for another takedown with two minutes left. It went nowhere and Lapilus walked him down landing shots when in range. Issa got a brief takedown but Lapilus got back up. Ref broke them up just as the round was about to end. Lapilus got a few last second shots in. 10-9 Lapilus, 30-27.

Result: 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 Lapilus.

Hiscoe’s Analysis: Just a lot of Issa going for takedowns with Lapilus defending. It was fun to see Lapilus try and kill him after the attempt in the first. That’s four decisions straight. This might be one of those shows. (**) They go straight to the women as we are likely running short on time.

(5) Ashlee Evans-Smith vs. Veronica Macedo (Bantamweight 135 lbs.)

I like Macedo for the upset here.

ROUND ONE: Nice spin kick from Macedo early followed by a “what’s up” gesture. Gotta love the swagger of a 20 year old cage fighter. Macedo in and out quick with combos but didn’t connect. Evans-Smith stayed composed waiting for opportunities. Cool kick combo from Macedo. They clinched and Evans-Smith used her size to hold her against the cage and eventually to the mat. Evans-Smith took her back and then got full mount. She worked for an Americana but Macedo got out and they stood up. Macedo held her against the fence as the round ended. 10-9 Evans-Smith.

ROUND TWO: Macedo looked to have trouble when in the clinch with Evans-Smith. She still threw punches and eventually dropped for a knee bar. Back on the feet, Evans-Smith landed big shots against the cage. Macedo landed some leg kicks in the centre of the cage but gets clinched against the cage again. Evans-Smith dragged her around a bit and Macedo dropped for a kneebar again. Evans-Smith ended up on top and landed some punches. Macedo rolled around looking to get a better position and eventually stood up. Evans-Smith threw her down and delivered small punches from a headlock position. 10-9 Evans-Smith. 20-18.

ROUND THREE: Evans-Smith looked fresh and confident to start the round. Macedo looked unsure but not as if she’s ready to give up. Another futile kneebar attempt saw Evans-Smith with top position but unable to do much damage. Macedo found herself in a bad spot unable to defend herself. She couldn’t use her arm as Evans-Smith rained elbows and the fight was stopped.

Result: Evans-Smith by TKO at 2:26 of round 3.

Hiscoe’s Analysis: Good showing by Evans-Smith who got the first finish of the night. She waited for her chance and capitalized when the opportunity presented itself. Macedo showed potential for a very young fighter. The knee bars were a little too desperate and won’t be successful very often as we saw today. (***)

(6) Peter Sobotta vs. Nicolas Dalby (Welterweight 170 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Sobotta repping Jamaica because why not. He’s German but apparently too good for the cheap pop. Dalby caught a kick but ate a shot as well. Sobotta knocked him down and swarmed but couldn’t get the finish. He cut Dalby good under the left eye. Dalby held on to allow himself time to recover. Sobotta moved to side control but didn’t land much for some time. He took his back and Dalby held on to avoid submission. Sobotta landed punches from his back and worked for a choke with 20 seconds left. Dalby got out and was saved by the bell. 10-8 Sobotta.

ROUND TWO: Dalby caught Sobotta with an eye poke very early trying to defend a punch. The doctor took his time to check it out. Sobotta still blinking after a couple minutes. They restarted and Dalby came out strong. Sobotta dragged him down and worked for position. Dalby, again, held on to avoid taking much damage. Sobotta in half guard and nearly got mount. Sobotta worked for position for the remainder of the round but couldn’t make much progress. He got a few good shots in at the very end of the round. 10-9 Sobotta., 20-17.

ROUND THREE: Dalby tried to start the round with gauze stuffed up his nose but the ref caught it. Dalby came out strong again with Sobotta looking tentative and defensive. Dalby with a body kick. I had a delivery guy knock on the door so I missed the end of the round. From what I saw, Sobotta was in control on the mat for much of the round.

Result: 30-26 across the board for Sobotta.

Hiscoe’s Analysis: Not a very exciting fight but Sobotta showed good work on the ground against a dangerous Dalby. Dalby seemed to have a hard time recovering after getting hurt in the first round. (**)

(7) Jessin Ayari vs. Jim Wallhead (Welterweight 170lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Two debuting fighters here. Wallhead looks like a scary dude. Hardy called him a “brother” so don’t expect impartiality in this one. Both men traded leg kicks early, very little action. Ayari careful to stay at a distance. He has a good reach advantage. Ayari will kick low and then dance away. He landed a nice uppercut. Wallhead knocked him down briefly. Wallhead began putting more pressure on with a minute to go but didn’t land much. 10-9 Ayari.

ROUND TWO: Wallhead landed two big shots in the first minute. Ayari still keeping himself at a distance and those two shots are why. Another uppercut from Ayari but Wallhead followed up with a combo that connected. Wallhead landed a straight left. Ayari still very active moving around the cage, trying to catch Wallhead from a distance. Wallhead began to look frustrated late in the round. Got a left in that may have cut Ayari late. 10-9 Wallhead. 19-19. Close fight.

ROUND THREE: Wallhead came out guns blazing. He may be down on the judges cards. Both landed shots as Wallhead closed the distance a bit. Ayari slipped a jab in as he backed up. Ayari got a couple more uppercuts that have been effective for him. Another uppercut connected as Wallhead began having trouble getting inside. Ayari tried to catch Wallhead coming in and stopped backing away so much. Wallhead caught him with his hands down and knocked Ayari down. He got on top but Ayari got back up. Ayari bled more from his eye. Wallhead missed a takedown attempt. Ayari lit him up with 30 seconds left. Wallhead looking tired but got a couple shots in. Wallhead hurt him with seconds to go and may have stole the round. 10-9 Wallhead, 29-28. This could go either way.

Result: 29-28 Wallhead, 29-28 Ayari, 30-27 Ayari by split decision.

Hiscoe’s Analysis: Fun fight that saw Ayari implement a good gameplan that frustrated Wallhead while still having an effective offense. (***) Ayari said he has an injured elbow and needs to take some time off.

Main Card

(8) Nick Hein vs. Tae Hyun Bang (Lightweight 155 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Hein a big crowd favorite. No action for the first minute outside the odd leg kick. Hein missed a high kick. Bang connected on a combo. Hein landed a right and got a takedown to half-guard. Hein almost squeezed out but got stuck in half-guard still. They got up with under two minutes to go. Hein missed a big right hand. Bang connected then took a kick. High kick by Hein as the round ended. 10-9 Hein.

ROUND TWO: Bang landed a body kick and right hand that got Hein’s attention immediately. Bang caught him again. Hein clinched but didn’t accomplish much. Hein with a right overtop that connected. Bang came close with a head kick but only glanced him. Hein with a body shot and Bang answered with an overhand right that didn’t connect. Hein swung big and left himself open but Band didn’t capitalize. Bang with a nice right hand that stunned him. Hein with a takedown and punches against the cage but Bang go up quick. Hein did not let go and worked to get him down again but Bang got right back up. They broke with 30 seconds to go. Round ended without much action and the crowed booed. 10-9 Hein, 20-18.

ROUND THREE: Both men more aggressive to start the final round. Bang caught him with a left. They appeared to bang heads together and Bang was cut on his right eye but didn’t look dazed. They trade shot when the fight got started again with Bang bleeding from his eye. Hein rocked him and Bang almost went down. Hein tried for a takedown but Bang got right up. Hein tried for big hooks but missed. Bang moving forward with a minute to go. Bang got some body shots in during a break from the clinch. Hein landed a left close to the buzzer and they traded right up to the end. 10-9 Hein, 30-27.

Result: 29-28, 30-28, 30-27 for Nick Hein

Hiscoe’s Analysis: Another largely uneventful but very close fight. Hein tried hard to get a knockout and admitted it in his interview. Bang fought him very close and I would expect to see him get another fight in UFC. (**)

(9) Ryan Bader vs. Ilir Latifi (Light Heavyweight 205 lbs.)

They aired a pretty good promo for UFC 203 focused on Miocic and Overeem.

Now it’s time for the marquee fights. Let’s hope for a little more action than we’ve been getting.

I like Bader in this fight but he could be ripe for an upset.

ROUND ONE: Bader not afraid to exchange with Latifi after being knocked out last fight. Bader landed a nice body kick. He went for it again but Latifi caught it and almost took him down. Latifi missed another takedown. Latifi threw a couple big shots that connected. Latifi caught Bader hard backing up and dropped him. Bader recovered quickly though and the round ended. 10-9 Latifi, who stole the round at the end there.

ROUND TWO: Bader missed a takedown attempt early. This time he didn’t hold on for dear life and got up instead. Bader with a right hand and they clinched and Bader got an elbow in on the inside. Latifi came in for a takedown and Bader knocked him out cold with a knee and it’s all over. Bader walked off, knowing he was out.

Result: Bader by knockout at 2:06 of round 2.

Hiscoe’s Analysis: Huge win for Bader coming off the loss to Johnson. Bader will always be in the hunt for a title shot but just needs to get over the hump and beat one of the top guys. This is a step in the right direction and shows that he isn’t always a boring fighter. (***)

(10) Alexander Gustafsson vs. Jan Blachowicz (Light Heavyweight 205 lbs.)

Gustafsson is a huge favorite here and needs a win bad so we’ll see how he handles the pressure.

ROUND ONE: Only one inch reach advantage for Gustafsson who usually enjoys a much longer reach than his opponents. Gustafsson cut under the right eye early. Gus landed a right then went for a takedown but Blachowicz defended. Nice combo from Jan who is holding his own. They clinched against the cage and traded knees. Jan got some uppercuts in the clinch and a knee. Jan with a nice right hand and came in with a flurry so Gus takes him down. Gus in full guard landed some elbows while Jan went for an armbar with no success. Gus with more elbows that connected to close the round. 10-9 Gustafsson but Jan is winning standing exchanges thus far.

ROUND TWO: Jan with a right and almost landed a high kick. Gus took him down 30 seconds in. Gus landed short shots from Jan’s guard. He almost passed to side control but Jan got him back in guard. Jan spun for an armbar and got close but Gus got back into position. Blachowicz got cut on his forehead while Gus continued to work elbows. Gus up briefly but went right back to guard as the round ended. 10-9 Gustafsson, 20-18.

ROUND THREE: Big right hand from Gustafsson early. Jan answered with a right and a body kick. Jan landed some good shots before getting taken down by Gus who went back to delivering short elbows from the guard. They got a warning to keep working or be stood up. Blachowicz would likely appreciate a stand-up. They got stood up with 1:45 to go in the fight. Gus got another takedown very quickly. Right back to elbows and hammerfists. Gus postured up for a big right hand. More punches and elbows to end the round. 10-9 Gustafsson, 30-27.

Result: 30-27 across the board for Gustafsson.

Hiscoe’s Analysis: Gustafsson was the big favorite here and he showed why. His wrestling was very impressive and he did sufficient damage while he had him down. It’s tough to book Gustafsson going forward because he has losses to Cormier and Johnson, perhaps a fight with Bader makes sense with the winner being right in line for a title shot. (**)

They aired a promo for the CM Punk fight. Same one they have aired previously.

(11) Andrei Arlovski vs. Josh Barnett (Heavyweight)

Arlovski looks to be the more nervous of the two during intros. Barnett looks ready to go.

ROUND ONE: They both rocked each other immediately. Neither guy can take a punch well at this point of their careers. Either fighter could have gone out at any moment of those first 30 seconds but they recovered. Arlovski had a cut between his eyes from the clinch. Barnett worked Arlovski against the cage but Arlovski got a trip takedown and landed punches from the top. Arlovski stood up and waited for a chance to jump back into Barnett’s guard but couldn’t find one and the ref stood him up. Arlovski landed a big right after the stand up. He got another flurry of punches that hurt Barnett. Barnett pushed him against the cage looking for a takedown. He didn’t get it and the round ended. 10-9 Arlovski.

ROUND TWO:  Barnett got him against the cage right away, likely trying to tire Arlovski out. Arlovski reversed position but they got broken up by the ref. Both guys traded in the center of the cage. Barnett got it back against the cage. This process repeated itself again after Arlovski got free. Barnett reversed a takedown and got a mount. Arlovski kept him locked down. Barnett broke free and got some punches to the head and body and then some elbows. He postured up and rained down some punches an Arlovski had a hard time defending and turned away from Barnett. Barnett pounded him until the end of the round. 10-9 Barnett, 19-19.

ROUND THREE:  Both guys traded in the center to start. Arlovski got some big shots against the cage. Barnett turned his back to Arlovski and walked away but the fight wasn’t stopped and Barnett got him down. Barnett was poked in the eye and that’s why he turned away. Barnett got to half guard on the ground looking for a kimura. He got to mount and Arlovski gave him his back and Barnett got the RNC quick and he got the tap as quick as he got the choke in.

Result: Josh Barnett by submission at 2:53 of round 3.

Hiscoe’s Analysis: Good back and forth fight that I had no idea how it was going to go as each round passed. Barnett survived a lot especially those early flurries and the eye poke. Barnett on the ground is as dangerous as almost anyone in the heavyweight division so you have to take him seriously. Arlovski isn’t championship level but he still has the power to compete with an aging division. He didn’t get knocked out here so he’ll be back, likely against another veteran contender. (***)

Final thoughts: Not a great show. You can pretty much just watch the top three fights with the big names and you will have seen everything you need to see. The women’s fight is the lone prelim worth watching as Evans-Smith showed she can be a contender and Macedo has the makings of a future star if she can grow as a fighter. Thanks for reading everybody!


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