Anthony “Rumble” Johnson thinks Jon Jones bout is “just not gonna happen” after Jones’ failed USADA test

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Anthony "Rumble" Johnson

“It’s just not gonna happen – at this point, I know it’s not gonna happen. It is what it is. I’m moving forward. Everybody is moving forward. I’m still shooting high and trying to do what I can in this sport. I’m not focused on Jon anymore. And I can tell you Daniel Cormier, Glover – they’re not focused on Jon, either. Nobody in this division is focused on Jon anymore. That’s a fact. I ain’t trying to fight until I’m 35. I’m trying to make my money and go on to something different – do bigger and better things with my life. Hell, I don’t want to get punched in the head that damn much. I’ve got other things I want to do.”

-Anthony “Rumble” Johnson talks to about Jon Jones and why he doesn’t think that fight will ever come to fruition.

Penick’s Analysis: If he’s serious about walking away sooner rather than later he’s probably right about this. There’s still a chance Jones is only out six months rather than two years depending on his USADA appeal, so if that happens the timing could wind up making the fight a possibility, but Jones would still need to get through Daniel Cormier one more time if he gets back sooner. It’s all dependent on Jones’ USADA appeal and how that affects things with the Nevada Athletic Commission.

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