CONSENTINO: GSP’s (un)official return – What does it mean for the UFC, fans, and MMA world?

By Steven Consentino, MMATorch contributor

George St. Piette (photo by Wade Keller © MMATorch)

With recent news that Georges St. Pierre has entered himself back into the USADA testing pool, as recently as Aug. 10, Dana White and the UFC must be undoubtedly waiting with arms wide open. Not too long ago the UFC was using the moniker “the time is now,” and there’s no denying just how much weight that truly carries.

Take a seat in the DeLorean and let’s fly back a mere three years ago to Nov. 16, 2013. Las Vegas, Nevada to be exact. UFC 167. GSP announced that he needed to walk away from the sport for some time. The complete landscape of the UFC was a complete 180 degrees of what it is today.

There were no talks (that were made public, anyway) of a four billion dollar sale. The Reebok deal hadn’t been put into place yet. Jon Jones was still on a completely unstoppable run, and finally looked human in a massive unforgettable showdown with Alexander Gustafson. Robbie Lawler had just returned to the UFC. Cain Velasquez was still atop the heavyweight mountain, successfully defending his strap twice. Anthony Pettis was making tidal waves by winning the lightweight title. Chris Weidman trounced Anderson Silva not once, but TWICE. Ronda Rousey’s incredible reign began. The list goes on, but quite the trip down memory lane, eh?

Back to the present, the UFC needs St. Pierre now more than ever. Consumed in the drama of the Jones soap opera that includes hit & runs and positive tests for estrogen blockers, Ronda taking her sweet time to make sure she’s ready to return, and solid draws in Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz tying it up again to stifle the Irishman’s ego and fatten the Stockton man’s wallet – this is a breath of fresh air for the UFC.

They absolutely have to be targeting the debut at Madison Square Garden. St. Pierre recently said that his team and the UFC are in negotiations, and GSP deserves whatever he is asking for. This opportunity cannot be missed, for the sake of the UFC and for the fans who pay to see it.

Fans have to be salivating at the thought of his return to the Octagon. In a world where Anderson Silva hasn’t officially won a fight since 2012 and Michael Bisping is truly the Middleweight champion, the fans need some stability back in the picture. And no better way to do that at the moment than getting Rush back into the thick of things. The longtime welterweight kingpin will unquestionably do what it takes to reclaim the title we’re all so used to seeing around his waist.

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  1. Unless GSP entered the pool before July 12, he won’t be eligible to fight on the MSG card. Unless he wants special handling, I mean. But he’s made it really clear he doesn’t want anyone, himself included, to get special treatment.

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