SUNDAY TRIVIA: Which big name fighter was Dana White contemplating signing to UFC five years ago?

Dana White (photo by Mike Lano © PWTorch)

QUESTION: Five years ago this week, Dana White was asked about bringing in a big name fighter after a big win. Regarding this fighter, Dana said: “[He] is tough. He’s got power in both hands. He’s got great wrestling. It kind of went the way I figured it would go… We’ll see what happens [in regards to him coming back to the UFC]. [He] and I have had some history in dealing. We’ll see if we can figure something out and get him back in the UFC. It’s not that I’ve never been interested in [him]. Listen, either you can come to deal with guys or you can’t.” This fighter was:

(a) Fedor Emelianenko

(b) Dan Henderson

(c) Cung Le

(d) King Mo

(e) Rampage Jackson

ANSWER: Answer is the letter right before c and right after a, and it was after his victory over Fedor.

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