B.J. Penn says it’s flattering and “sad at the same time” that Dana White thinks he never reached full potential

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

B.J. Penn (photo credit Stephen R. Sylvanie © USAToday Sports)

“It’s flattering and it makes you sad at the same time. It’s strange for me to talk, because it’s like one side we’re talking about this Hall-of-Fame career guy, and on the other side, I’m just trying to prove myself. You got to talk about two different people, two different B.J.s at times. It’s his opinion and he’s entitled to that, and all I can do for my side is get in there and show them. Maybe Dana White will look back and be like, ‘You know what? Look at him now. That guy really did reach his full potential.'”

-In an interview with KHON2 in Hawaii, B.J. Penn responds to recent comments from UFC President Dana White saying he was one of the best fighters to not reach their full potential.

Penick’s Analysis: The talking point about Penn has always been about his motivation and whether or not he was ultimately as good as he could have possibly been. It’s an impossible question to answer, because you can’t know whether there was anything more he could have done. He was overly ambitious at times, and that led to some of his big career setbacks, but whether he could have done more or if that was just where he stood at those times is not something that can ever be proven. Regardless, if he comes back as he plans he’s going to either redeem the end of his run in the sport or add onto what has been somewhat of a sad coda to a Hall of Fame career.

(h/t: BloodyElbow.com)

[Photo (c) Stephen R. Sylvanie via USA Today Sports]

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