Brock Lesnar to fight USADA finding in out of competition drug test: “We will get to the bottom of this”

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Brock Lesnar (photo credit Joshua Dahl © USA Today Sports)

Brock Lesnar and his team are claiming no knowledge of intentional PED use after Lesnar’s failed USADA test from June 28, and are planning to fight the finding.

“We will get to the bottom of this,” Lesnar said in a statement to the Associated Press.

Lesnar was tested eight times from the time of his return being announced until his fight with Mark Hunt at UFC 200, and he provided evidence that he had passed three of them within a nine day span in mid-June, shortly before this test was conducted.

The results of the June 28 test did not come back until July 14, five days after Lesnar’s win at UFC 200. He’s facing a two year sanction, a fine, and potentially sanctions from his other employer, the WWE. On that note, it seems the plan remains for him to appear at WWE’s Summerslam event next month, with them making a short statement to the AP as well.

Read the WWE statement: “Brock Lesnar has not performed for WWE since WrestleMania and is not scheduled to return until Sunday, August 21.”

Penick’s Analysis: Looks like fighters will keep going to the “something I took had something I didn’t know was in there” route. Since it has worked for a couple names already they might as well. In Lesnar’s case he’s got the money to fight it, and that’s what he’ll do, especially if he’s facing any significant fine or cut to his substantial UFC 200 purse. Even if the WWE decides to “suspend” him under their policy, he’d be a first time offender, would get 30 days, and would still be cleared for Summerslam.

[Photo (c) Joshua Dahl via USA Today Sports]

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1 Comment on Brock Lesnar to fight USADA finding in out of competition drug test: “We will get to the bottom of this”

  1. One of his training partners announced that Brock took and inhaler for asthma. Sucks that that technically counts but Mark Hunt needs to relax. That inhaler did not give him an advantage

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