Rory MacDonald says war with Robbie Lawler affected personality, expects to shine in return at UFC Fight Night 89

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

“I was back to normal in five days besides my nose being broken for a while [after the Robbie Lawler fight]. I was training the next week. It was a very hard emotional fight with ups and downs in it. It affected my personality a little, but everything was for the best. That fight made me a stronger fighter and stronger person… I don’t think I’ve felt this focused in a long time. I feel happy doing it. Those factors will make me shine on Saturday night… If I end up staying with the UFC and I have a successful fight, I’ll definitely have something to say about [the title picture].”

-Rory MacDonald talked about the affect his war with Robbie Lawler had on him and his focus into UFC Fight Night 89 during an appearance on UFC Tonight on Fox Sports 1 this week.

Penick’s Analysis: MacDonald did everything he could in that fight with Lawler to overcome the physical pain and damage that had been done in the course of four rounds, but when that already badly broken nose got hit in the fifth it crumpled him. He had to cope with that, and if he’s truly handled it well and recovered from the experience he might be an extremely strong competitor in his return. If it causes any hesitance or ill effects, he’s going to have some trouble. We’ll find out Saturday night for sure.

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