Miesha Tate doesn’t expect Ronda Rousey to return strong: “I feel like she’s somewhere other than fighting”

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

“I’ll win [a rematch]. That’s it. I don’t know how. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do. But I know that I am the strongest that I’ve ever been. And here I stand at the best moment of my career, the most confident that I’ve ever been, the best version of Miesha Tate and she’s at the worst. She’s at the lowest point of her career. I think she’s second-guessing whether she even wants to be in it… Do I think she’ll come back the same? Something tells me no. Something tells me that she won’t and I think it’s just my take on the interviews that I’ve seen her do. I feel like she’s somewhere else other than fighting. I don’t feel like this is her No. 1 drive or source anymore… Where is her heart really laying? I know when I’ve gone through the toughest of tough – I’ve been head kicked and knocked out before. I’ve lost to Ronda twice and that was the most devastating thing that could have ever happened to me inside my career. But here I am. I made myself better for it. I made myself stronger. And I don’t recognize that in Ronda. That’s all that I’m saying. I don’t recognize the same desire, the same drive, the same passion, the same willingness to overcome that kind of adversity. I don’t see that in her.”

-UFC Champ Miesha Tate talks to Megan Olivi on the UFC Fight Pass program “The Exchange” about Ronda Rousey and a potential third bout between them (transcribed by MMAFighting.com).

Penick’s Analysis: The longer Rousey is out of the cage, the more reasonable it is to question her motivation to compete in this sport after that loss to Holly Holm last year. It’s not even a guarantee that she’ll wind up fighting again, and if she does return and no longer has the level of confidence that brought her to where she was. Until we see her back it’s impossible to know, and if she fights Tate and loses it will drive her further away. She’s open to criticism until she returns to address it, and she can erase some of it by coming back strong. For now, Tate’s got the platform and upper hand until something changes.

[Photo (c) Jayne Kamin-Oncea via USA Today Sports]

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1 Comment on Miesha Tate doesn’t expect Ronda Rousey to return strong: “I feel like she’s somewhere other than fighting”

  1. I have heard all the bull-shit from tate and cyborg that i want to hear, and i say enough already. Ronda rousey has nothing to prove against meisha tate, she is enjoying her life outside of fighting and doesn’t need to be constantly criticised by anyone. Tate is trying to get rousey to come back before she’s ready, and that’s typical tate. As far as cyborg goes, she will never be more popular and famous than rousey. I believe ronda rousey will be back stronger and better than ever, however if she loses again it will drive her away from fighting for good and into the world of professional wrestling. Let’s not forget that rousey’s always been a huge fan of the wwe and if her scheduled appearance at next year’s wrestlemania turns out to be a success, she could be on her way to a full-time career in the wwe. I always say that anything is possible and i would love to see rousey in the wwe as a full-time competitor, i am thinking ronda rousey as wwe women’s champion it could happen.

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