UFC 199 CONTESTS: Prediction and Betting Game Results

By Tom Strong, MMATorch UK Contributor

Firstly apologies for the delay. I’ve been otherwise engaged celebrating and catching up with some sleep after Michael Bisping’s astonishing first round knockout victory over Luke Rockhold (as predicted might I just add) to become the new UFC Middleweight Champion. UFC 199 more than lived up to the hype, which in turn lead to one of the best cards I’ve ever witnessed.

Marco Polo Reyes vs. Dong Hyun Kim set the card alight from the off with an almighty three round war ending when Reyes knocked out Kim in the third round. Both men picked up FOTN bonuses along with $50k each for their efforts. Fearing the card couldn’t get any better at this point, we had seven of the 13 bouts going to the underdog, along with eight of the 13 bouts being finished via KO/TKO. The only thing we had missing on the night was a submission victory, but hey who’s complaining.

Over to you UFC 200, this’ll take some beating!

Let’s see how you all got on and the results for the Quarter-Final World Cup.


24 people submitted an entry for this card. Here’s a combined breakdown of how many confidence points you placed on each fighter (Winner in bold):

Michael Bisping -0
Luke Rockhold -262

Dominick Cruz -215
Urijah Faber -12

Max Holloway -200
Ricardo Lamas -16

Dan Henderson -19
Hector Lombard -188

Dustin Poirier -168
Bobby Green -15

Brian Ortega -154
Clay Guida -10

Beneil Dariush -107
James Vick -20

Jessica Andrade -33
Jessica Penne -64

Alex Caceres -10
Cole Miller -124

Sean Strickland -19
Tom Breese -88

Luiz Henrique da Silva -6
Jonathan Wilson -124

Kevin Casey – 25 (Draw)
Elvis Mutapcic -47 (Draw)

Marco Polo Reyes -11
Dong Hyun Kim -56


Jaymon1002 (43 points) beats Sean Simpson (24 points) and Mark Bunce (NS) to become the new MMATorch Confidence Picks Champion.

This was a night for Sean to forget as reigning champion. Having predicted only 4/13 fights correctly and Mark Bunce failing to send an entry, my dog could’ve won the title! Though through gritted teeth we have to congratulate the new champion Jaymon1002.

Next up for Jaymon1002 will be none other than Dan ‘Tucky’ Moore. Having been awarded the GOAT at UFC 198 for an awful display, Dan has upped his game and finally got himself a title shot and returned an impressive (57 points) considering the amount of underdogs winning he still predicted 9/13. Malcolm Piper (56 points) can a very close second.

Well done Dan, it’s been a long time coming.

Here are the results of the Confidence Picks pool:

57- Dan Moore
56- Malcom Piper
52- James Brown
52- Charles Mickael
52- Neal Hollic
51- Ben S
47- Anthony Sinnott
46- John Lewish
45- Mark Sacchetti
44- Scott Pipher
43- Dave Hughes
43- Jaymon1002
42- Tommy Strong
41- David Lindahn
41- Josh Brown
39- Ben Heather
38- Richard Race
35- Joel Wielenga
33- Eugene Kim
28- Brian Foe
27- David Little
24- Sean Simpson

Note: Should either champion, or challenger fail to submit picks for UFC 200 (Cormier vs. Jones II) Malcolm Piper would step up as a challengers and so on. Everyone else will be fighting for the No 1 contender slot on the night, and the right to face off against either Jaymon1002 or Dan at UFC 201.


David Lindahn ($1615.13) beats Eugene Kim ($200) to retain his MMATorch Betting Title.

David Lindahn: $1615.13

$330 on Holloway for $428.51

$220 on Poirier for $320

$200 on Dariush for $300

$200 Parlay on Holloway, Poirier and Dariush for $566.62

Eugene Kim: $240

$200 on Cruz for $240

David Lindahn is edging ever closer to the Hall of Fame with his continued title defences. Another card another routine victory for David with his conservative betting on heavy favourites was the key to success. Eugene went for the gung-ho knockout, waging heavy on the underdogs. Sadly, the only underdogs who didn’t win were on his betting slip!

Next up for David will be……….Dan ‘Tucky’ Moore with ($5061.25). Having backed three underdogs on the night, and with all three going on to win, he topped the pool by some margin. Surprised motherf*****s?? Well, I certainly am!! His nearest rival was John Lewish ($2875) who’s sole returning bet of $500 on Bisping was enough to secure second place.

Great work Dan.

Here (in no particular order) are the results from the Betting Picks pool:

Dan Moore: $5061.25

$500 on Henrique for $1450

$250 on Andrade for $562.50

$50 on Strickland for $112.50

$200 Parlay on Henrique, Andrade and Strickland for $2926.25

John Lewish: $2875

$500 on Bisping for $2875

Michael Douglas: $1635

$300 on Moicano for $690

$300 on Nogueira for $945

Tommy Strong: $2247.73

$500 on Henderson for $2175

$50 on Poirier for $72.73

Charles Mickael: $2082.12

$400 on Poirier for $518.82

$200 on Henderson for $870

$200 on Cruz for $240

$200 Parlay on Poirier, Hollaway and Cruz for $453.30

Sean Simpson: $1216.26

$300 on Caceres for $780

$300 on Poirier for $436.36

Ben Heather: $1150

$200 on Bisping for $1150

Richard Race: $1129.85

$500 on Poirier for $727.27

$200 on Ortega for $272.73

$100 on Hollaway for $129.85

Neal Hollic: $1125

$500 on Andrade for $1125

Anthony Sinnott: $1045.45

$400 on Andrade for $900

$100 on Poirier for $145.45

David Little: $1010

$100 on Henderson for $435

$100 on Bisping for $575

Tommy Strong: $833.33

$500 on Lineker for $833.33

Dave Hughes: $970

$200 on Caceres for $520

$200 on Andrade for $450

Scott Piper: $885

$100 on Henderson for $435

$100 on Strickland for $225

$100 on Andrade for $225

Jaymon: $750

$500 on Dariush for $750

James Brown: $675

$300 on Andrade for $675

Mark Sacchetti: $675

$300 on Strickland for $675

Josh Brown: $572.73

$3oo on Reyes for $572.73

Brian Foe: $450

$200 on Andrade for $450

Joel Wielenga: $260

$100 on Caceres for $260

Ben S: $0

Malcolm Piper: $0

John Lewish: $0

Note: Should either champion, or challenger fail to submit picks for UFC 200 (Cormier vs. Jones II) John Lewish would step up as a challenger, and so on. Everyone else will be fighting for the No 1 contender slot on the night, and the right to face off against either David or Dan at UFC 201.

World Cup 2nd Round Results:

Scott Pipher (44) def. David Lindahn (41)
Richard Race (38) def. David Little (27)
Ben S (51) def. Ben Heather (39)
Mark Sacchetti (45) vs. Eugene Kim (33)

Performer of the Night: Pains me to say this, but Dan Moore has gone from zero to hero in one event finishing top in both pools to take this award.

GOAT: From hero to zero Sean Simpson had a night to forget, don’t worry Sean we’ve all been there.

Thanks once again to everyone who takes part and interacts throughout the card, feel free to follow me on Twitter, @Strong_te

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