T.J. Dillashaw says Urijah Faber “acting like a 14-year-old school girl wanting to create drama”

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

T.J. Dillashaw (photo credit Bob DeChiara © USA Today Sports)

“That’s kind of crossing the line. He’s put our friendship on blast and put my name out there. He put me and Dominick on blast and looked like a fool. He’s always been a cool guy, but now he’s acting like a 14-year-old school girl wanting to create drama.”

-T.J. Dillashaw reacts to Urijah Faber’s continued comments about him during an appearance on UFC Tonight on Fox Sports 1.

Penick’s Analysis: Of the three, Faber’s come off the worst in this whole bantamweight cluster-mess. Some of the good will he’d built up in the past has taken a hit with the way he’s trashed Dillashaw, especially after he got the shot at UFC 199 that arguably should have gone to his former protege. It’s set up for a future fight should Faber somehow pull off the win over Cruz on June 4, but failing that it could wind up simply a past annoyance for Dillashaw should he move forward beyond that possibility.

[Photo (c) Bob DeChiara via USA Today Sports]

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