MMATorch Daily Top Five 5/5: Top MMA Quotes of the Week

Jon Jones (photo credit Mark J. Rebilas © USA Today Sports)

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5/5/16: Top Five Quotes of the Week

In our regular Thursday feature, today we list out the most newsworthy, entertaining, or incendiary quotes of the week.

5. Eddie Alvarez on Conor McGregor: “He’s not a championship fighter, you know what I mean? He’s a one or two-round guy. He’ll be a lifer, I think, in three-rounders. If he ever decides to do five-rounders or go past to five, I think most of his fights are going to look like [the first Diaz fight]. He’s going to take a dump.”

4. Michael Bisping on fighting clean at middleweight: “The more and more things – the more time that passes – the more I think that I’m the only middleweight that’s completely clean, and I’ve done that throughout my career. I’ve taken God knows how many drug tests. [With] every single one, there hasn’t been even a hint of suspicion in any one of my tests. And we just see these legends falling – left, right and center.”

3. Daniel Cormier on rivalry with Jon Jones: “It’s hard for me to say I’m his equal right now because he won the first one. A real rivalry starts when you are going back and forth and you both hold victories over one another… If I can’t win then it doesn’t matter. I can win all the arguing and bickering, but if I can’t win inside that cage then there isn’t even an argument. I want to win this fight then fans are going to see a true rivalry begin.”

2. Conor McGregor on planned rematch with Nate Diaz: “Working the rear hand uppercut with Roddy prior to UFC 196. A shot I called pre fight. Who else can call a shot like the rear hand uppercut on a big 6 foot lurch and then go out and dig that baby repeatedly into the nose? Anyone? Didn’t think so. Mark my fucking words I am going to toy with him in the rematch. Believe that.”

1. Jon Jones on UFC 200 rematch with Daniel Cormier: “I believe I’m going to annihilate DC. So far, it’s all I’ve ever done to every opponent. Alexander Gustafsson’s the only person who had a competitive fight with me. Expect to see a hell of a lot more out of me this next fight. I have a strong strategy for DC.”

[Photo (c) Mark J. Rebilas via USA Today Sports]

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