Jon Jones says Daniel Cormier just the next best thing to him: “If he was great, he would’ve beaten me”

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones (photo credit Jayne Kamin-Oncea © USA Today)

“DC should have a lot of confidence. Outside of me, he’s the next best thing. He can beat these other guys. He can’t beat me. I don’t believe greatness is coincidence, and I don’t believe DC is great. If he was great, he would’ve beaten Cael Sanderson in college. If he was great, he would’ve made weight in the Olympics. If he was great, he would’ve beaten me the first time. I’ve never lost a fight. So let him be confident. He can beat these other guys all day. He’s not beating me… DC has been lying to you guys for a long time now. Listen, DC told you guys, and I quote, ‘I’ll take Jon Jones down 10 times out of 10 times.’ Right? So far we’re five to zero. I’ve taken you down five times. Last time, I foot swept you and held my hand on your head like you’re my b*tch. And this is the guy who’s supposed to be the Olympian. Come on, man. DC, you suck, bro. You call me a bum. I beat you four rounds to one. It wasn’t even close. You’re not even my toughest opponent. You’re chump change.”

-Jon Jones rips into Daniel Cormier during their first UFC 200 press conference in New York on Wednesday (transcribed by

Penick’s Analysis: We’re going to get a lot more of this between the two of them in the next few months, and though Cormier technically holds the UFC Light Heavyweight Title, Jones holds the win over him. Cormier can again say whatever he’d like into the lead up, but Jones has that victory to fall back on every time, and he’s going to continue to use that in every exchange. As he should. With the fight now scheduled, this is just getting started.

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