Frank Mir targeting leg locks against Mark Hunt, warns him to tap if he wants to continue career

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

“I’ve worked a lot of leg attacks. I love leg locks and heel hooks and kneebars. They’re complex and hard to avoid. I feel like if we get down to the ground, defending his legs is going to be very difficult, especially because his main concern is getting up – not worrying about his feet. I have the hip drive that when I grab something, it’s not going to be uncomfortable. He’s going to have to make the decision of it he wants to continue fighting or go ahead and lose that fight. When I say continue fighting, I mean if he taps, he can continue on [with his career]. Kneebars and heel hooks at his age could take him out of competition for an extremely long time.”

-Frank Mir talks to about one plan of attack against Mark Hunt at UFC Fight Night 85 this weekend in Brisbane, Australia.

Penick’s Analysis: Kneebars and heel hooks are violent and can be extremely damaging, but with the exception of a few fighters who have made them their specialty, it’s not often that fighters finish them. Now, Mir’s got one of the most famous kneebar wins in the UFC from when he defeated Brock Lesnar in their first fight, but Lesnar was the definition of novice in defending a hold like that. Now, Hunt’s been submitted on a lot of occasions in his career, so this is very much a possible ending point for this fight, and Mir’s certainly got the ability – especially if he’s been working on them specifically – to end a fight in this manner. We’ll find out come Saturday night.

[Frank Mir art by Grant Gould (c)]

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