Holly Holm’s manager says she’s “not fighting for money,” wants Miesha Tate rematch over Ronda Rousey

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Holly Holm vs. Miesha Tate (photo credit Mark J. Rebilas © USA Today Sports)

“That was Holly’s decision [to fight Miesha Tate]. We do what the boss wants to do. She understands, she knew there was a lot at stake. She took her eye off the ball for a minute, she understands that and she takes full responsibility for it… Holly’s not motivated by money. She’s a multi-millionaire already. She’s not fighting for money. She could retire, she could stop fighting today and not have to worry about money. We could wait for Ronda but she doesn’t want to. That’s just how Holly is…. [A rematch with Tate is] what Holly wants. We’re champing at the bit waiting for a phone call to see if that’s what we’re going to do. Because Holly right now, I had a discussion with her, if they put a contract in front of us right now to wait for Ronda [Rousey] or to fight Miesha and you know the dollar difference, who would you take? She goes ‘I’ll fight Miesha.'”

-Holly Holm’s manager Lenny Fresquez explains why Holm didn’t wait for Ronda Rousey, and why the money isn’t her driving factor in competition, in an interview with FoxSports.com.

Penick’s Analysis: These comments came in reaction to criticism from Dana White about them taking the fight with Tate at UFC 196 in the aftermath of what happened, but while there was absolutely more money on the table in the fall, it was clear from the outset that she had no desire to wait around. She knew the risks full well, and she’s suffering the consequences of falling short. That doesn’t necessarily mean they were wrong for doing what they did and for taking that fight, because she wanted to compete for herself. That she failed last weekend doesn’t make her wrong for wanting to compete.

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