Gegard Mousasi accuses Lyoto Machida of steroid use, being greased up in 2014 bout

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Gegard Mousasi (photo credit Jason Silva © USA Today Sports)

“I would like to fight Michael Bisping, Vitor Belfort… [Lyoto] Machida, when he’s not on steroids and he’s not greased up. No, because it’s true. The guy was f***ing greased up, and he looked like a 15-year-old boy when I fought him. Obviously he was in Brazil. He was so f***ing slippery. People now are surely going to say that I’m a bad loser, but the guy didn’t look normal for a f***ing 38-year-old, and greased up all the way! He was greased up. Once he sweat, it was greasy. Even Luke Rockhold said that he was greased up when they fought. He’s a cheater. What can I say? … F*** him!”

-A surprisingly emotional Gegard Mousasi went on a rant about Lyoto Machida in a post-fight interview after his win over Thales Leites Saturday at UFC Fight Night 84 (transcribed by

Penick’s Analysis: I’ve never seen Mousasi in the mode he was in that post-fight interview, spirited, heated, and much more personable than he’s come across in the past. These are clear and unabashed accusations, and whether or not they get a reaction out of Machida, the surprise comes more in the fact that it’s Mousasi making them. Now, will that lead to a rematch? Unlikely, and that’s not necessarily a fight the UFC wants to put together again, but a more outspoken Mousasi makes for a more interesting contender at middleweight.

[Photo (c) Jason Silva via USA Today Sports]

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