Gegard Mousasi on what he learned from loss to Uriah Hall: “Only that s*** happens”

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Gegard Mousasi (photo credit Jason Silva © USA Today Sports)

“That fight still haunts me a little bit. I did everything right, I don’t feel I didn’t anything wrong. I didn’t underestimate him. I was prepared. The only thing I maybe did wrong was I wanted to finish him too bad. But if you don’t go for the finish maybe he could come back and get the finish. I don’t know, I don’t think I did anything wrong in that fight. If you fight long enough, there’s going to be a kick or a punch that you won’t see coming. And I didn’t see that kick. Eventually, it’s going to happen. It’s difficult to accept it but I have to accept that loss… I was pretty sure that I would beat Uriah Hall and that happened. It’s disappointing. I didn’t learn anything in that fight. Only that s*** happens.”

-UFC Fight Night 84’s Gegard Mousasi talks to about his shocking loss to Uriah Hall last fall.

Penick’s Analysis: Mousasi’s lass to Hall is almost the epitome of getting caught in a fight. He completely controlled the first round, and he got hit with a crazy spinning jump heel kick as he ducked down for a takedown. If that strike lands almost anywhere else, it may not have rocked him as bad as it did, and he might be entering Saturday’s card in London off a win. He needs a significant performance now against Thales Leites to remain relevant in the UFC, so this fight is about moving past what happened last year.

[Photo (c) Jason Silva via USA Today Sports]

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