UFC FIGHT NIGHT 83 LIVE RESULTS: Penick’s round by round report for “Cowboy vs. Cowboy” event

FEBRUARY 21, 2016

The UFC is back on Fox Sports 1 tonight with their first event in Pittsburgh since 2011, headlined by one of many fights that wound up changed in the last few weeks, as Donald Cerrone takes on Alex Oliveira in a welterweight matchup. We’ll have live round by round coverage of tonight’s main card as it kicks off at 9PM ET, with prelim results posted throughout the night as well. Follow along with tonight’s action right here!

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=====UFC Fight Pass Prelims Quick Results=====

-Shamil Abdurakhimov def. Anthony Hamilton via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

-Lauren Murphy def. Kelly Faszholz via TKO at 4:55 of the third round

-Ashlee Evans-Smith def. Marionette Renault via split decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28)

=====Fox Sports 1 Prelims Quick Results=====

-Nathan Coy def. Jonavin Webb via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

-Anthony Smith def. Leonardo Augusto Guimaraes via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

-Oluwale Bamgbose def. Daniel Sarafian via KO (head kick/punches) at 1:00 of the first round

-Sean Strickland def. Alex Garcia via TKO at 4:25 of the third round

=====Fox Sports 1 Main Card=====


ROUND ONE: (Technical difficulties failed to save first round’s rundown, which ended with Krause nearly securing a rear naked choke)

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Krause both had success on the feet, but Krause landed more overall, was more active, and nearly had the finish there at the end of the round.

ROUND TWO: Campbell pulled off a nice sweep early to get the fight to the ground. Krause attempted an armbar, then scrambled to his feet. He rushed Campbell across the cage and clinched. They battled in the clinch for a bit until Krause finally took Campbell’s back and again nearly dragged him down. He didn’t keep the back, but got on top. Campbell rolled to his knees and Krause tried to set up the choke again. Campbell tried to get some space. He nearly scrambled free, but this time Krause got the choke and dropped back. Campbell got the hands free and got to his feet! Crazy escape. They got to their feet with Campbell on Krause with a body lock. Krause turned into him, and they battled in the clinch. Krause went for a takedown to no avail. Campbell pulled off another foot sweep, but Krause wound up on top until the horn.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Krause. Competitive round, just edged by Krause this time around.

ROUND THREE: They traded strikes early on. Krause tried to close in, but ate a couple hard body kicks. They clinched, and Campbell got in a foot stomp. He missed a spinning heel kick on the exit. Krause threw a jab. Campbell tossed out a few strikes. He blocked a high kick. Campbell continued to throw out kicks and punches to try to keep Krause at bay. Krause snuck behind him and took his back. He tried to sweep. Campbell turned into him and continued to stuff the takedown attempt. They continued to battle in the clinch. Campbell got in a nice elbow to separate. Krause pressed forward. They traded punches. Krause shot in but got stuffed again. Campbell swept him late and took his back looking for the choke. He lost it. Campbell continued to work from that position. Krause spun out, but Campbell was then in mount. Campbell threw some shoulder strikes late, then postured up and rained down strikes through to the horn.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Campbell. Probably too little too late, but he had a good run to the end as Krause tired out.

WINNER: Krause via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

STAR RATING: (**) Pretty clear cut decision there. Not the greatest fight, but it had some decent moments throughout.



ROUND ONE: Camozzi opened with a leg kick. He landed a hard lunging jab that stunned Riggs, then unloaded a brutal series of knees. Riggs covered up for a few of them, but then some got threw and Riggs finally went down, causing the stoppage. That was quick.

WINNER: Camozzi via TKO at :26 of the first round

STAR RATING: (**) Great work from Camozzi, but also a sign Riggs should probably consider hanging them up. He got caught by a jab, and just wasn’t able to recover from there. Great move on Camozzi’s part to just go relentless on the knees, as Riggs didn’t have time to do anything but attempt to block.



ROUND ONE: Bermudez looked a bit small compared to Kawajiri as he tried to press ahead early. Both were tentative early. Kawajiri grazed Bermudez with a spinning back fist. Bermudez tried to walk him down, but Kawajiri worked well. Bermudez got in a short strike, then shot in. He jumped onto Kawajiri’s back and tried to take back mount. Kawajiri tried to buck him off. Bermudez turned it into a kimura attempt as Kawajiri snuck out the back. Things stalled out in that position until Kawajiri finally got his arm free. He cradled Bermudez and then took side control. Bermudez scrambled up to his feet and turned back into Kawajiri. Kawajiri went for a takedown, but got stuffed. Kawajiri stayed on the attack and wound up dragging him down, though Bermudez kept his back on the cage and threw some punches and elbows as he tried to get up. He got dragged back down again. Bermudez finally escaped and got to his feet, with Kawajiri staying on him, picking him up, and throwing him down. Bermudez got to his feet again at the horn.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Kawajiri. Close round without much happening, but Kawajiri’s continued control late likely edges it.

ROUND TWO: Bermudez opened fast with strikes, then closed in for a clinch. Bermudez went for a front choke, then eventually turned it into a brief takedown. Kawajiri got to his feet and they worked in the clinch. Kawajiri finally circled out. Bermudez landed a hard leg kick. Kawajiri missed another spinning back fist. He shot in, but Bermudez nicely sprawled. Kawajiri stayed on him at the cage, but Bermudez stuffed the attempt. Some in the crowd booed as they stalled in the clinch. Bermudez landed a bunch of strikes as he continued to stuff the attempted takedown. Bermudez threw down a bunhc more strikes, including some hard elbows, as he continued to stuff the takedown attempt. Bermudez continued attacking. He tried to get his leg free as Kawajiri held tight. He finally circled out and tried to take Kawajiri’s back. He nearly got bucked off but scrambled to keep a good position. He went for the back mount again in another scramble, and held onto Kawajiri as he controlled position. Bermudez wound up high on Kawajiri’s back before resetting. He landed a few strikes, then tried to set up a choke late.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Bermudez. Good round for Bermudez after a slow start. Out-worked Kawajiri down the stretch and had some good offense while stuffing the takedown attempts.

ROUND THREE: Bermudez came ahead early and he scored a takedown into Kawajiri’s guard. Kawajiri worked to a knee. Bermudez grabbed a headlock, but Kawajiri turned right back into him and got to his feet as he grabbed for a single leg. They continued to battle at the cage as they got to their feet, and it brought more clinching. Kawajiri finally separated and they traded strikes, with Bermudez getting the better of it. He slipped and Kawajiri went for a guillotine, falling to his back as Bermudez wound up on top. Kawajiri got up to his feet but ate a head kick for his troubles. Kawajiri missed a spinning back elbow. Bermudez landed a hard leg kick. He connected on a right hand after that. He got Kawajiri to the cage, picked him up, and slammed him down. Kawajiri worked up to a knee. Bermudez landed a knee to the chest. Kawajiri worked to his feet but ate a knee and some punches with Bermudez on his back. He briefly got free, ate a few strikes, and got taken down once more. Bermudez postured up and landed several strikes. He got in a few more big strikes before the horn.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Bermudez. Strong finish for Bermudez in what should be a winning performance here.

WINNER: Bermudez via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

STAR RATING: (*+) Not a great fight. They canceled each other out a bit, then Bermudez just out-worked Kawajiri through the final two rounds.

-They aired a really nice video package on Kevin Randleman, complete with one of Mauro Ranallo’s best calls in Randleman’s KO over Mirko Cro Cop in Pride. Honestly great highlight video following his untimely passing last week.


ROUND ONE: Garbrandt moved straight across the cage. He landed a couple of hard kicks. He landed a nice left hook. Mendes avoided a couple of hard strikes and circled out. Garbrandt again swung and missed. Mendes landed a hard leg kick and blocked the counter. Mended rushed in. Garbrandt landed a hard strike and Mendes tried to pull guard. Garbrandt got himself free and forced Mendes to stand. Gabrandt landed a good leg kick. He moved forward and got in another combination. Mendes landed a leg kick, and Garbrandt pressed in with a short combo. Mendes missed a kick and backed away before Garbrandt could return fire. Mendes covered up as some strikes were thrown. Garbrandt rushed in and they traded strikes. Garbrandt caught Mendes and sent him down. He put his arms up as referee Mario Yamasaki seemed to step between them, but he didn’t call it right away, leading to an awkward added shot. On replay, Garbrandt threw a three punch combo, with two of them landing. Still bad work from Yamasaki; can’t be indecisive in that spot.

WINNER: Garbrandt via TKO at 4:18 of the first round

STAR RATING: (**) Nice work from Garbrandt. Awkward finish because of Yamasaki stepping in and then getting out of the way. Really bad look for him there.



ROUND ONE: Slow start from both, feeling out the range. Carneiro rushed in but Brunson blocked the strikes thrown. Brunson landed a grazing left hand and they briefly clinched. Brunson rushed with a few left hand strikes, then backed out before Carneiro could get a hold of him. Carneiro came back ahead with a few strikes. Carneiro used head movement to avoid some strikes, but as he shot in he got easily stuffed. Carneiro missed a strike and fell to the ground. Brunson hurt him and started raining down strikes. Carneiro covered up and moved just enough to avoid a stoppage. Brunson was fast and furious with the assault and may have punched himself out. Just as I typed that, he postured up and knocked Carneiro out cold with a few perfectly placed strikes. Very good win for Brunson, his fourth straight.

WINNER: Brunson via TKO at 2:38 of the first round

STAR RATING: (**+) Brunson’s got great finishing instincts once he’s got someone hurt, and that was great work there to get that finish after the initial onslaught on the ground.



ROUND ONE: Oliveira landed a right hand immediately and they clinched. He drove Cerrone to the cage and landed a few body shots. He got in some knees to the legs as Cerrone tried to fire back. They separated, and Oliveira tossed out a spinning kick. He landed a couple strikes and they clinched in the center. Cerrone wasn’t able to connect as he separated. Oliveira landed a nice right hand. Cerrone then scored a nicely timed takedown just a few seconds later. Cerrone mounted and immediately locked on a mounted triangle. He turned over to his back with the hold and Oliveira tapped out almost immediately. There’s another for Cerrone after Oliveira was having some success on his feet.

WINNER: Cerrone via submission (triangle choke) at 2:33 of the first round

STAR RATING: (**+) Really slick work from Cerrone to bounce back from the title loss in December. His new journey in the UFC begins from here, and this was a nice start to it. Whether he can follow that up or not remains to be seen, but this was a needed victory.

-Thanks for following along with us tonight! We’ll have reactions from the weekend throughout the week as we lead into next Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 84 event from London and the Anderson Silva vs. Michael Bisping main event.

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