BELLATOR 149 READER REAX: Kimbo Slice-Dada 5000 “was an extremely sad display of supposedly professional fighting”

After Friday’s much talked about Bellator 149 circus, we asked MMATorch readers for their reactions to the event, and specifically the top two hyped fights in Ken Shamrock vs. Royce Gracie III and Kimbo Slice vs. Dada 5000. Below are some of the responses that came in.

Ross J Writes: I was at the event live (kind of embarrassing to admit now), but hey the $115 ticket was free. Let me start off by saying I’m a huge MMA fan and have seen thousands of fights from UFC events to small local promotions here in Texas so I’m pretty knowledgeable. The show put on by Bellator Friday was laughable, down right pathetic. The worst event I’ve seen in my life. It was horrible other than a prelim or two and the Campos win over Guillard.

During the Kimbo-Dada fight, well, sorry no that wasn’t a fight. During the Kimbo-Dada altercation the crowd – and I mean the whole crowd – was laughing hysterically or booing non stop. I’m not one to boo at any event but my god what the hell was that? Bellator match makers and Scott Coker had no business making this fight a reality, I mean come on now your brand looks so minor league it’s not even funny. I don’t know how much they showed on TV after Dada hit the mat but he laid in the cage for 20 minutes and the paramedics had to get the stretchers in there to get him out. He seriously looked dead laying there, it was pretty sad. He has no business fighting ever again, and if he does he needs to be arrested on the spot. As for Kimbo, I told my buddy as Kimbo was walking out and during the first min of the fight that he looked hurt or stiff or something, I was thinking his back was messed up, but honestly that was an extremely sad display of supposedly professional fighting from both men. I’d rather watch paint dry while getting teeth pulled than do that again.

Gracie-Shamrock; what’s to say? Ken got hit with a low blow and that’s that. Wish it would have gone longer but hey it is what it is. On a better note I did get to meet Herschel Walker and got his autograph. I’m more of a fan of his football skills rather than MMA, but hey props to him if he can get in there and fight at that age, I mean the guy won the Heisman in 1982 and is still doing his thing.

Michael G. Writes: I hope that Kimbo and Mr 5000 never fight again. Kimbo looked horrible and completely out of shape. Mr 5000 was just as bad. Worst fight in the history of Bellator! The Shamrock fight was unfortunate. I watched the replay 2 times…the ref was looking right at Shamrock’s nut sack when it happened. The ref should be fired for not giving shamrock some time to heal up.

Thomas T. Writes: Let’s start this off right: WHAT ON EARTH WAS THAT CRAP?!

I like Kimbo Slice but he’s not a relevant MMA fighter in 2016. I don’t know who DaDa 5000 is so let’s leave him there. How Scott Coker thought making this fight would pay off is beyond me and many, many others. Coker is the Anti-Dana White; Anti in that he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do in his job role. I blame him for this whole mess. Kimbo, rape him for as much money as you can. I haven’t got a lot to say about Gracie Vs Shamrock to be honest. two granddad’s fighting in the second biggest MMA promotion’s cage in 2016 Writes: 0 appeal. None. Ken, you lost, move on. The end.

Who else fought at your event, Scott Coker? I’m genuinely concerned for Bellator. What is their goal as an organisation? Are they hoping to promote and grow fighters into stars? I can’t see it. Will Brooks is the champion and Scott Coker doesn’t think he’s worth keeping, but Michael ‘lost twice to the champion’ Chandler is (I like Chandler, don’t get me wrong). Under Coker I think Bellator is going to throw out these bad fights and bad events and it’s going to go against them massively. When is the next Tito Ortiz headliner?! They’re going to become a laughing stock and not long after that Zuffa will engulf them. #RIPBELLATORMMA

Cedric H. Writes: I loved the DaDa 5000 vs Kimbo Slice fight! As a fight fan it’s refreshing to see non traditional/fun fights. I would love to see Shaq vs Mike Tyson, Mike Tyson vs Hershel Walker or Hershel Walker vs Kimbo. Heck Dana White made enough people angry, Dana White vs Bjorn Rebney? Legacy fights are normally more fun as the technical aspects of a “normal” fight are mitigated.

Patrick B. Writes: To call the Slice vs 5000 an MMA fight is like calling calling a pile of s*** a gourmet meal. Shamrock and Gracie, with all due respect, have no right to compete in 2006… I mean 2016. It almost had a WWE feel Friday night. Scott Coker needs to protect legends the way Dana White protected Chuck Liddell and the end of his career. I wonder how sick Benson Henderson feels about his decision right now?

Eric V. Writes: It was SAD!

I doubt I will ever watch another Bellator event. It was very disappointing at the very least. I watch MMA to see great athletes test their skills against other great athletes. What I saw was middle aged men self destruct and embarrass themselves.

I also saw young fighters at the end of their career possibly suffer unnecessary brain damage (Melvin). One word sums it up DISGUSTING!

J.T. Writes: Where to start when reviewing this event?! The only thing that stands out is how bad the main and co-main event were. The worst was knowing how many people likely tuned in because of the circus show at the top of the card. Watching Kimbo and Dada almost pass out several times just trying to hold their arms up was embarrassing.

Then you hope that somehow you’d see something interesting with the main event… NOPE. The geriatric main even was nothing but a ball shot and the usual Ken Shamrock on his back getting punched in the face. The worst was Royce saying “we come from a time of no rules,” basically saying too bad I won by ball shot.

The most interesting thing Bellator broadcast was a Benson Henderson promo that followed the fight card. Which was basically a pitch to UFC fighters that it’s OK to come to them. But it came off as them begging to be in the same league with the UFC… At this point, they just simply aren’t. Even my girlfriend, who has recently begun watching MMA, said that their show comes off as a crossbreed between UFC and WWE.

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