T.J. Dillashaw still feels he won Dominick Cruz bout, blames himself for “leaving it that f***ing close”

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

T.J. Dillashaw (photo credit Bob DeChiara © USA Today Sports)

T.J. Dillashaw has given some updated thoughts on Sunday’s UFC Fight Night 81 main event against Dominick Cruz, and after watching the fight back, he still believes he should have gotten the nod.

In a lengthy post on Instagram, Dillashaw praised Cruz for what he did in the comeback, and takes responsibility for not ensuring that the fight went in his favor. However, he also believes he was the better man in a great fight, and called out UFC commentator Joe Rogan over his commentary during the fight as well.

Wrote Dillashaw:

Man I’m so lucky that I get to do what I love everyday of my life and put on shows for the world. Love being a martial artist and the person it has made me. Like me or hate me for what ever reason and think what ever you believe to be true, I just appreciate you watching and hope you enjoyed that fight. Congrats to Cruz for enduring everything he has and being able to come out and perform at his best, true respect for his determination and athletic ability. I know everyone has their right to their own opinion but as I laid in bed the last two nights not able to sleep thinking how I lost that fight baffled me. Not saying that it was a robbery because I knew that it was a close fight and have no one to blame but myself for leaving it that fu#king close. Did not fight my best and definitely things I could have done different laying there thinking to myself. Finally got a chance to watch the fight on my flight home today and after watching I’m even more confident I won that fight! Even the two rounds I was initially giving to him were much closer when I rewatched it, to be fair I gave my self three rounds but have no problem saying I won four rounds. @joerogan might need to go back and watch it again to hear how biased he was commentating, I agree with you it was a good close fight but think you picked Cruz before the fight started. HOLY SHIT WHAT A GOOD FIGHT! Better than I remember and want to do it again. Please Cruz, don’t retire and give me that shot so I can get back what I believe is mine. @ufc

Penick’s Analysis: It was indeed an excellent fight, and Dillashaw’s assessment is pretty fair. He’s owning up to the fact he left it up to interpretation, but not downplaying Cruz’s own performance in the fight. It was an extremely close fight, and it’s the fight that should be made again. Dillashaw deserves a chance to make that happen, and he’s the best bet for another exciting title fight with Cruz. Given how things played out, he may just get his wish.

[Photo (c) Bob DeChiara via USA Today Sports]

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