Jose Aldo’s coach Andre Pederneiras thinks he got “overconfident” at UFC 194, thinks immediate rematch should be next

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Jose Aldo

“I wouldn’t say anxious. Maybe overconfident, because he was really well. He was so confident in the victory he [thought] ‘I’ll throw [my hand] and will catch him.’ It’s a split-second decision. Or you attack, or you get out. He decided to attack, and the other guy threw a counter to defend. He attacked, but moving in a way to stop [Aldo’s] attack… I disagree [with there being options for McGregor’s next fight]. They don’t care if I agree or not, but here’s what I say: I can’t see Aldo not fighting for a belt or not in an immediate rematch. It wouldn’t be fair if that doesn’t happen, but happen to others. ‘There’s no immediate rematch for anyone,’ cool, we know what the rule is. ‘[There’s a rematch] because she’s blond and sells well?’ I’ll dye Aldo’s hair. Right? I don’t see other scenario than a new fight, so we can really have a fight. In my head, what happened wasn’t a fight, just a punch that landed and ended it quickly.”

-Jose Aldo’s coach Andre Pederneiras talks to Combate in Brazil about the loss to Conor McGregor, and why the rematch should be the only fight in the conversation for McGregor’s next bout (translated by Guilherme Cruz at

Penick’s Analysis: If any fighter deserved an immediate rematch after losing their title, Aldo’s at the top of the list. Unbeaten for ten years and the only champion the division had ever seen? Of course he should be in line for that rematch. Anderson Silva got knocked out just as viciously and got his rematch with Chris Weidman. As Pederneiras jokes, Ronda Rousey’s getting her rematch with Holly Holm. Unfortunately for Aldo, there are other viable options in the division and elsewhere that have valid arguments, whereas that hasn’t necessarily been the case in other situations. I don’t think his next fight will be for that title, just because of those other options, but there’s no question he’s deserving of that fight.

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