UFC 193’s Joanna Jedrzejczyk on personality switch into fight: “There is no more nice and quiet Joanna”

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

“I hate myself in the Octagon because I’m a different person. When I watch the video or pictures from the fight, I don’t like this Joanna. But this is my job, this is how we do it, and I think it’s a good part because I’m not afraid. I love to compete and it’s all about the sport. I don’t want to hurt my opponents. And I hate trash talk, but when they come too close, I must switch. That’s all… She was acting so nice, too nice, and I was like ‘she’s playing with me.’ She wants to make me quiet, not aggressive. She wants to see a different Joanna. But I know her plan, and there is no more nice and quiet Joanna. I became myself in Melbourne when we had the second face to face, so I could see that she’s nervous, and I won this fight already. It’s going to be glory day for me on November 14… Believe me, Valerie is afraid of me. She said that she wasn’t impressed with my striking, but she didn’t really have good opponents, so she’s going to feel this Polish power.”

-UFC Champ Joanna Jedrzejczyk talks to UFC.com about her fight with Valerie Letourneau this weekend at UFC 193, and why she needs a shift in personality inside the cage.

Penick’s Analysis: Jedrzejczyk is one of those fighters it seems impossible to dislike. She’s got a fantastic personality outside of the cage, and the way she can flip that switch to do what we’ve seen her do this year in the cage is a great asset as well. That difference in personality between herself and the competitor version of who she is makes her dangerous and intriguing, and she’s likely to have a long career in the UFC with her combination of skills. Letourneau is a very capable challenger, but it’s hard to see her taking out Jedrzejczyk, and it’s hard to see her surviving the Champion’s assault through 25 minutes. Expect Jedrzejczyk to unleash something special once again in Melbourne.

[Photo (c) Tom Heitman via USA Today Sports]

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