Vitor Belfort says he’s got his eye on Luke Rockhold after UFC Fight Night 77 victory

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Vitor Belfort

Back in the win column Saturday night, taking out Dan Henderson for the second time in two years, Vitor Belfort moved his sights to yet another rematch after UFC Fight Night 77: Luke Rockhold.

During the post-fight press conference after the event, Belfort said he’s looking ahead to another fight with Rockhold given how much the current middleweight No. 1 contender has had to say about him since they fought in 2013.

“There’s a guy, Luke Rockhold, that keeps talking a lot,” Belfort said on Saturday night. “He’s talking a lot, he’s a talker. Disrespectful guy. Really good, talented, but… I’ve got my eye on him.”

That sounds good to Rockhold, who Tweeted out the following in response:

Rockhold meets Champ Chris Weidman in a month at UFC 194, but has been clear about wanting a chance to avenge his loss to Belfort.

Penick’s Analysis: With Belfort extending his run, it’s going to depend on what happens with Rockhold-Weidman to see when he and Rockhold will fight again. I think they’re going to meet by the end of 2016, perhaps early 2017, and the timing just depends on whether or not Rockhold wins the title. If he does, I think Belfort will have to win another fight or two before getting a title shot. If Rockhold loses, I think the Belfort rematch could be the first fight for both of them in 2016. That’s really the crux of it. They’ll fight, but if Rockhold is Champion, there will be others in line to face him than Belfort in the immediate future.

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