Tim Kennedy believes he’d go fight for Scott Coker if he wasn’t “contractually obligated to the UFC”

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Tim Kennedy (Photo credit Joshua Lindsey © USA Today)

“Scott [Coker’s] awesome. I love fighting for Scott. Scott was fun, Scott made exciting fights, Scott made entertaining fights. It wasn’t quite Pride, but it was the best that you could do, without having a bunch of guys hopped up on every single steroid they put their hands on, you know, which is what Strikeforce was. It was an opportunity for people that like to entertain, to really put on and display their skillset. If I wasn’t contractually obligated to the UFC, would I go fight for Scott Coker? I think I definitely would. I love the guy, I love fighting for him, and I kind of miss those days.”

-UFC middleweight Tim Kennedy talks to Submission Radio and says he’d probably be fighting for Scott Coker in Bellator if he wasn’t under contract with the UFC.

Penick’s Analysis: Kennedy’s been among the most outspoken about the Reebok deal and the loss of sponsorship money compared to every other point in his career, and he’s left no question about the continued issues he’s had with the UFC as of late. Now, the UFC isn’t necessarily just going to release fighters who are disgruntled, especially those who could help bolster a competitor’s roster. There isn’t anything Kennedy can do to move on from the UFC than finish out his contract, or lose more fights that make him less of a commodity to the UFC. That’s it, and he’s stuck otherwise. Still, I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if we see Kennedy fight in Bellator for Coker at least once before his career is up.

[Photo (c) Joshua Lindsey via USA Today Sports]

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