Bellator 144 victor Michael “Venom” Page: “My fighting style, for me, is superior”

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief


“You have to pay attention to every person. I take everyone very seriously. It doesn’t make a difference. You may have a shorter time to do it, but I know if I’m the best me on that day, I feel unstoppable… I felt that [Ontiveros] was back-stepping a lot, and it was hard to find him. Those other guys, they are going to underestimate my style and put their foot down, and they’re going to end up on the end of something crazy. That’s me. I’m not going to change that because of the name of the opponent. My fighting style, for me, is superior. I’m going to go out there and do it against every person who steps into the cage against me.”

-Michael “Venom” Page explains why his flashy style won’t be changing anytime soon after a win over Charlie Ontiveros on Friday at Bellator 144 (via

Penick’s Analysis: Page hasn’t been given a ton as far as challenges go in Bellator thus far. Most of the bookings have been favorable matchups, and we haven’t truly seen him tested in that cage to date. With that said, he’s been extremely fun to watch, and that unorthodox style thus far has allowed him to confuse his opponents. The side stance, hands at his sides, taunting, it all frustrates the man across the cage from him, and even though it might leave him open to counters if an opponent can take advantage, to date that person hasn’t shown up. To that end, we haven’t seen everything he has to offer either. A bigger challenge could bring out more from him; we’ll find out when that challenge shows up.

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