Jose Aldo’s goal for UFC 194 bout with Conor McGregor: “I will hurt him like I have never done to anyone before”

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Jose Aldo

“My goal is to win, that’s my focus. Nothing more than that. You can be sure I will hurt him like I have never done to anyone before. I’m sure he will leave the fight all busted up and I will leave with another victory… He likes to taunt. He sees a camera and then he puts on a little show. When I appeared by surprise in the TUF house, he reached his hand out to shake mine and I thought we were going to fight right there. He complained to Dana [White] and Lorenzo [Fertitta]. He said he was set up.”

-Jose Aldo talks to Combate in Brazil about his plan for Conor McGregor at UFC 194, along with a hint at something to come on a future episode of this season of The Ultimate Fighter (translated by Lucas Rezende at

Penick’s Analysis: It’d be great to see Aldo channel all of the hype that’s gone into this matchup and all of the talk from his challenger into one of his better and more dominant performances. He’s an incredible fighter, and has been throughout his championship run, but he’s absolutely had times where he hasn’t quite fought to his potential. That he’s done what he has even in those spots is a testament to just where his skill level lies, but there’s more there that can be brought out in the right fight. That’s what he showed against Chad Mendes, taking took some significant shots only to come back even stronger to beat Mendes a second time. As to the preview of what’s to come on TUF, it sounds like they hit McGregor with a similar shock moment as Ronda Rousey had when she expected to coach against Cat Zingano, only to have Miesha Tate walk in the TUF gym. It’s a tactic to get a reaction, and apparently we’ll see that it worked.

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