Rousimar Palhares doesn’t feel he did anything wrong in Jake Shields bout, doesn’t want to fight for WSOF again

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Rousimar Palhares is facing a disciplinary hearing with the Nevada Athletic Commission this month over his held submission on Jake Shields in their August 1 main event for the World Series of Fighting, and he’s hoping for a fair hearing.

The finish came after Palhares raked Shields’ eyes several times in the second and third rounds, and was just the latest in a series of submissions held far too long by the Brazilian. However, he doesn’t believe he’s done anything wrong.

“The only thing I expect about this hearing is that they judge me as I should be judged. Don’t let other little things impact their decision,” Palhares said in an interview with “I’m an athlete and that’s how I make a living, so I leave everything in God’s hands. Only time will tell. What I know is that I’m a man who fights for a living, to provide for my family, and that’s what I want to do.

“I feel I’ve done everything right. From my point of view, everything was right, so I don’t regret anything. I’m sad because I let down my fans and those who care about me. I wanted to be perfect, you know, so I’m sorry if I can’t be perfect as everyone expects me to be. I’m a human being. I’m sad with all this, for the fans and those who care about me, but I believe in God and everything will be alright.”

Palhares was stripped of his title by the WSOF over the incident, and placed on suspension pending the outcome of this hearing. Regardless of what happens, Palhares says he doesn’t want to fight for the WSOF again, though he remains under contract with them.

“They didn’t want to talk about anything before the commission’s hearing, but I’m not interested in fighting for them,” he said. “I asked to be released from my contract or fire me, but they won’t. I wanted them to release me so I can go my way, I don’t want to be part of this organization anymore. They didn’t appreciate me.

“… I’m really sad with all this, but there’s not much I can do. They are the promoters so they can do what they want, right? Unfortunately, I’m still under contract with them so I can’t do anything but stay quiet. They took my title, but the belt is still here and no one will take it away from me.

“They can say whatever they want about me as a person, but they can’t take away my merit of being the champion. I’ve defended my title twice, so that’s the only way they would be able to take it from me. I won my title by fighting, finishing everybody, so this is the only way they would be able to take my title.”

Penick’s Analysis: One of the biggest problems with Palhares is his inability to recognize or accept that he’s done anything wrong. It’s why it continues to happen, and he takes no responsibility for his actions. He’s playing the “woe is me” victim card because of how the WSOF reacted, but there wasn’t much more for them to do. He’ll have his chance to explain himself to the commission, but based on these comments he doesn’t believe he’s done anything wrong.

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