UFC FIGHT NIGHT 61 LIVE RESULTS: Penick’s round by round event report for “Mir vs. Bigfoot” event

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

FEBRUARY 22, 2015

=====UFC Fight Pass Prelim Quick Result=====

-Ivan Jorge def. Josh Shockley via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Note: Sloppy, not very good fight. Jorge edged it with a late third round takedown after giving away the second.

=====Fox Sports 1 Prelims=====

-Fighters are out to the cage as Jon Anik welcomes fans to the broadcast.


ROUND ONE: Gibson took the center as de Andrade circled on the outside, occasionally throwing kicks. Gibson popped de Andrade’s head back with a nice jab. Gibson covered up as an overhand right was thrown by de Andrade. Gibson avoided some more strikes tossed out. Gibson tried to shoot in off a strike but backed off of it. De Andrade landed a hard inside leg kick. Gibson tried to circle and engage, but de Andrade got out of range and landed some more inside leg kicks. They traded some kicks. Gibson connected on a solid left hook. Both missed a couple of strikes. Da Andrade went to a spinning kick that landed to the body. Gibson connected on a body kick, but got stuffed as he tried to shoot. Gibson ladned an overhand right, but de Andrade rushed back at him. De Andrade grabbed a clinch, but got turned around. They traded strikes before the horn.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 de Andrade. Gibson got in some offense, and it was a fairly close round, but de Andrade was more active and effective with his kicks in that round.

ROUND TWO: De Andrade had a cut under his left eye that was bleeding as the round started, and Gibson connected on it a couple of times. De Andrade wound up on an overhand right but it was mostly blocked. Gibson landed a couple of jabs. De Andrade landed a hard leg kick. Gibson got in to the body with a kick. He landed a hard right hand. Gibson tried to rush in and got dropped by a quick right hand. De Andrade rushed him on the ground and tried to grab a front choke. Gibson recovered and tried to gain his wits on the ground. He covered up and got to his feet, landing a right hand. De Andrade landed a kick. Gibson landed a straight left as de Andrade started breathing heavily. Both slowed down. Gibson missed a heavily telegraphed spinning kick. De Andrade landed another hard right hand and Gibson backed up. De Andrade tried to stalk, but Gibson did a solid job circling around. Gibson popped in with a winging left hand. He slipped on a kick. De Andrade landed a solid combo. Neither landed another strike before the horn sounded.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 de Andrade. Gibson was starting to build up some damage, then got dropped and de Andrade took over from there.

ROUND THREE: Gibson tried to come out aggressively, though de Andrade did a good job circling and avoiding damage. Gibson landed a left. Both missed several thrown strikes. Gibson connected on a left hook. De Andrade landed an uppercut. They traded leg kicks. Gibson shot in but got stuffed. He landed a left hand. He rushed de Andrade with several strikes. He shot in and scored a takedown, but de Andrade scrambled, and in the ensuing roll it was de Andrade winding up on top. Gibson got an underhook and got to his feet. He telegraphed a head kick that missed. De Andrade landed a solid left. Gibson threw a front kick and kept moving ahead. They traded leg kicks again with two minutes left. Gibson landed a few strikes and backed de Andrade up. Both missed a few strikes again. De Andrade was breathing very heavily. He shot in, got stuffed, and ate several strikes. Gibson landed a couple more. Gibson tried to egg on a fire-fight. De Andrade fired off a couple of strikes. Gibson landed a couple more. De Andrade landed to the body. Gibson landed a solid spinning kick to the body. Gibson went for a jumping knee, then landed a left hook, avoiding a couple of strikes before the horn.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Gibson. Good final round for Gibson, this will come down to a close first round. He may have won it, but he might not have.

WINNER: de Andrade via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)

STAR RATING: (**) Solid fight. I don’t know how you give de Andrade that third round, though. I guess “Brazil” is the answer to that one.


ROUND ONE: De la Torre moved forward early. Trator landed a couple of hard strikes and they clinched. They jockeyed for position on the cage. De la Torre held off a takedown attempt and got himself free. He landed a solid left hand. De la Torre landed a big right hand as well. He then clinched, but got turned around again on the cage. They separated again. De la Torre again grabbed a clinch after eating a kick, but Trator turned him around and tried to work for his own takedown. De la Torre got some space and landed several hard strikes. He landed another left to back Trator off. De la Torre then dropped Trator with a right hand! He kept landing strikes and Trator was just covering up. The ref finally stepped in, but that should have been stopped about six or seven strikes earlier. Jesus.

WINNER: De la Torre via TKO at 2:59 of the first round

STAR RATING: (**+) Impressive work from de la Torre against the favored Brazilian. Leon Roberts was shamefully late on that stoppage, but that can’t be held against de la Torre.


ROUND ONE: Very little action early on, as both were tentative in trying to find their range. Dwyer landed an outside leg kick. They both traded strikes in a heavy flurry in the center. Macario missed a punch and landed a kick behind it. Dwyer tossed out a few more strikes. He shot in and got stuffed, but landed a punch as he stood up. Macario got in a hard leg kick. Dwyer fired back to the lead leg. He landed a right hand. They traded kicks, then Macario landed a right hand. Dwyer rocked Macario with a superman punch and he did a bit of a Ric Flair stumble before face planting. Dwyer wasn’t going to engage at first, then stood over him and landed a couple of strikes to force the stoppage. On the replay, the punch landed right to the ear. Nice finish. Again a ref lets a fighter take unnecessary punishment.

WINNER: Dwyer via KO at 3:14 of the first round

STAR RATING: (**+) Awesome highlight reel finish there from Dwyer. Not much to the fight prior to that, but that’s a must-see ending.


ROUND ONE: Andrade came out firing and Reneau clinched up. Andrade separated with a right hand. Reneau landed a jab and got in a knee to the body as Andrade moved ahead. Reneau landed a hard two-punch combo and Andrade started grabbing at her nose. Reneau landed a couple more, but then Andrade cracked her with several big strikes. Reneau threw her legs up for a triangle choke. Andrade got out of it, but then Reneau got it locked on even tighter. She opened Andrade up with elbows from the bottom. She straightened Andrade’s arm and tightened the choke further and Andrade tapped! Wow. That’s a huge upset win.

WINNER: Reneau via submission (triangle choke) at 1:54 of the first round

STAR RATING: (***) That’s just a fantastic upset win for Reneau. Andrade hurt her with that flurry to send her to the ground, but she showcased how dangerous her ground game is off her back. Great work, great win, and she’s now got two quick UFC wins under her belt to kick off 2015.

-With 25-minutes to kill, the Fight Pass bout between Jorge and Shockley is re-broadcast.

=====Fox Sports 1 Main Card=====


ROUND ONE: Strickland took the outside and tried to work his jab. Ponzinibbio connected on a hard right hand, but Strickland fired back a few strikes to back him up. Strickland tried to work his jab on the outside. He landed a solid left. Ponzinibbio rocked Strickland with a right, but Strickland smartly shot in and then tried to take Ponzinibbio down on the cage. He did, but only briefly, and then they separated on the feet. Ponzinibbio tried to stay busy with short strikes to the head and body. Strickland continued finding a home for his jab and Ponzinibbio’s face started to get busted up. Ponzinibbio landed a hard leg. Strickland landed a hard strike and Ponzinibbio stumbled. Strickland tried to rush in but Ponzinibbio recovered and he eventually backed off. Ponzinibbio landed a head kick and rushed back in with a right. Strickland avoided much of the shots on the cage as Ponzinibbio swung wildly. He survived the rush and things calmed down a bit. Ponzinibbio landed another hard right hand after eating a jab. Ponzinibbio shot in and completed a double leg takedown as time wore out. He got in one strike before the horn sounded.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Ponzinibbio. Fun, competitive round. Both hurt the other, but Ponzinibbio had a bit more offense, scored the late takedown, and was the aggressor throughout.

ROUND TWO: Ponzinibbio avoided the pawed out jab a bit and landed a hard leg kick. Strickland pressed back and landed a kick. They traded quick left hooks. Ponzinibbio tried to rush in, but it was Strickland connecting on a few strikes. Ponzinibbio got in with the overhand right. Strickland pawed out a few jabs. He caught a kick and fired off a couple of counters. Strickland checked a kick and again connected on a couple of counter strikes. Ponzinibbio landed a big strike, but Strickland rushed in and took him down. Ponzinibbio tried to fight him off and Strickland took his back standing. Ponzinibbio got himself turned around and separated. Strickland landed a solid right hand. Ponzinibbio landed the winging left, then they traded strikes. Ponzinibbio scored with a hard leg kick. Strickland connected on some jabs and tried to more forward. Ponzinibbio again landed a hard right hand. Strickland got in one more jab before the horn.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Ponzinibbio. Quality vs. quantity in that round. Strickland was having some success, but Ponzinibbio’s power strikes gave him the edge.

ROUND THREE: Strickland landed a jab. Ponzinibbio fired off a couple of strikes. Strickland landed a couple of jabs. He landed a strike that stumbled Ponzinibbio, but he couldn’t keep him on the ground. He shot in for a double leg at the cage and completed it. Ponzinibbio refused to stay down, though, and worked right back up. He broke free. Strickland landed a couple of jabs. Ponzinibbio landed a hard leg kick to the lead leg. They traded strikes after things slowed down for a bit. Ponzinibbio connected with another head kick, then ate a counter jab. Strickland landed another jab. Ponzinibbio fired one off himself. Strickland landed a front kick to the body. Ponzinibbio shot in but got stuffed. He ate a knee for his troubles. Little sense of urgency from either fighter as the bout wound down. Ponzinibbio shot in but got stuffed. He got in with a right hand. Then another. Strickland fired back a right hand of his own just before the horn.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Ponzinibbio. Not enough work from Strickland in this one, and it was his chin doing the hardest work for him in that fight. Solid pressure from Ponzinibbio throughout.

WINNER: Ponzinibbio via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

STAR RATING: (**+) The first round was a lot of fun. The last ten minutes was decent enough, but slowed down, and neither had a lot of urgency to put a stamp on it. Ponzinibbio did enough to win, no question, and his aggression and power were what put this fight in his favor. Strickland’s a tough guy, but he got a bit gun-shy at times here, and his own lack of aggression worked against him here.


ROUND ONE: Alcantara opened with a front kick that just barely missed the mark. Saenz tried to bob his head as he moved on the outside. Saenz ducked in and scored a takedown through a kick. Alcantara tried to attack from the bottom, so Saenz landed a strike and got up. Alcantara got in a solid right hand. Saenz circled on the outside. Alcantara missed a strike. He came back in with a right hand, then got in a knee to the body in a brief clinch. Saenz landed a body punch. Alcantara landed a hard front kick to the body. He rushed in with a jumping knee and Saenz slowed things down with a clinch, turning Alcantara to the cage. Alcantara used it to briefly drag Saenz down and to land a hard elbow. Saenz popped back up and they separated. Saenz landed a hard leg kick. Alcantara missed a big right hand as Saenz ducked away from it. Alcantara got in a good knee as Saenz stepped in. Saenz returned one to the body. Alcantara landed a side kick to the body. Saenz tried to rush Alcantara back but couldn’t get through Alcantara’s reach. Saenz missed a strike but avoided a takedown as Alcantara grabbed a body lock. However, Saenz gave up his back standing. Alcantara was too high and got shrugged off. Saenz got on top and did landed some strikes. Saenz did some more damage to close out the round.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Alcantara. That final 30 seconds shouldn’t negate the rest of the offense Alcantara had in the round, but Saenz is definitely in this fight.

ROUND TWO: Alcantara landed a nice counter-left. Saenz missed a few strikes. Alcantara landed a hard head kick. Saenz took it and recovered. Alcantara landed a couple more strikes. He over-committed on a strike and Saenz wound up dragging him down and controlling him as he turtled up. He landed a hard series of knees to the body and legs. Saenz landed some hard strikes as he controlled one of Alcantara’s wrists. Alcantara then rolled through and tried to attack a leg. Saenz got free and got back on top in Alcantara’s guard. Alcantara tried to attack for an armbar from the bottom but Saenz defended it well. Saenz then backed off and landed some kicks to the legs of the supine Alcantara. The crowd booed. Alcantara then kicked him back and got to his feet. They traded strikes. Alcantara landed a hard right hand. Saenz kicked out the leg of Alcantara with an inside leg kick, but Alcantara popped back up. Alcantara landed a hard two-punch combo. Alcantara landed a hard left hand. Saenz then caught a kick, then kicked out the back leg to score a takedown at the horn.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Saenz. Really close round. Could easily be 10-10 or 10-9 Alcantara given the damage he did on the feet, but Saenz’s extended time doing damage on the ground gave him that one, I think, to even this up.

ROUND THREE: Alcantara landed a left after Saenz missed a strike. He landed a right hand. Saenz shot in and clinched. He landed some knees to the thighs. He got in a couple more, then got free with a couple elbows to the head. Saenz shot in and scored another takedown. Alcantara attacked for his left arm and tried to wrench it free. Saenz got his arm out and stood above Alcantara. He then dropped down a strike. Alcantara tried to get up but Saenz dropped another strike down and kept him down. Alcantara then kicked him off and got back to his feet. Saenz landed a hard knee to the body. Alcantara dropped to a knee. Alcantara got back to his feet again. Saenz then dragged him back down and landed more knees to the legs and body. Alcantara got back up finally and separated. Time’s running out for him, though. Alcantara landed a body kick. Saenz clinched and got in a knee to the body. Alcantara missed a spinning back fist. Saenz got a body lock and dragged him to the cage. Alcantara went for a kimura, then scored a takedown of his own into the mount. Saenz gave up his back and Alcantara tried to flatten him. Saenz escaped and ended the round landing punches.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Saenz. Odd, somewhat listless performance from Alcantara, and it kind of depends on how the judges in Brazil have scored those last two rounds. Can see an argument for Alcantara in the second, not so much the third, so scores could be interesting here.

WINNER: Saenz via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

STAR RATING: (**) I didn’t think Saenz won the first by any means, but that was a rightful win in his favor, and one hell of an upset (running theme tonight). That seals it for Alcantara as a possible title contender, I just don’t see how he possibly makes a run after that performance.


ROUND ONE: Khabilov stood in the center as Martins moved a bit on the outside. Khabilov wound up on a right hand and ate an eye poke, but he rubbed his eye and kept going. Khabilov ate a kick but landed a hard right hand. Martins threw out a couple of straight lefts that found their mark and he pressed forward. The crowd got a bit restless as they were both quite tentative early. Very little happened through the midpoint of the round. Martins surprisingly shot in and scored a takedown. He tried to wrench a choke, but Khabilov turned into him. Martins tried to pass out of half guard. Khabilov tried to reverse, but Martins kept him grounded. Khabilov then popped to his feet and got separation. Nice escape. Khabilov landed a right hand. Martins landed a leg kick and blocked the counter-strike. Khabilov connected to the body with a hard right hand. Khabilov missed a kick. Khabilov shot in, but Martins stuffed it and avoided any follow up strikes. He went high with a kick but Khabilov blocked it. Martins missed a few strikes before the horn.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Martins. Not much happened, and most of what did was in Martins’ favor.

ROUND TWO: They traded kicks early. More tentativeness from both, as nothing more was thrown in the next 50 seconds. Khabilov finally threw an overhand right but it was blocked. Khabilov landed a couple of strikes. Martins tried to step in but got countered. Khabilov missed a couple of kicks. The crowd got on them for a lack of action again. Khabilov landed a jab. So very little happening in this fight. Khabilov landed a solid elbow. He threw a right hand, then got in a couple more in his most action packed moment of the fight. Khabilov landed the short elbow in again, then connected to the body. Martins shot in, but couldn’t complete the takedown. Martins connected on a left hand strike with just over a minute left. Khabilov connected and circled out. Khabilov shot in but got stuffed. He landed a left hand to break out. Kabilov landed another left. Khabilov landed a hard right hand. Martins missed a big strike after blocking a head kick. Martins landed a hard left hand that nearly sent Khabilov to the ground just before the horn.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Khabilov. Despite the final strike from Martins, he didn’t do nearly enough to take the round. Khabilov’s minute or so of sustained striking offense put that one in his favor, but this fight is not good right now.

ROUND THREE: Martins landed a solid counter early in the round. He connected on an outside leg kick. He avoided a right hand, then landed another kick. Khabilov landed a spinning kick to the side of the body. He landed a right hand. Martins missed a right hand. Martins ducked under a strike and scored a takedown. Khabilov tried to buck out, then tried to lock Martins down. It didn’t work, and Martins eventually moved to mount. Khabilov escaped. He scrambled out and got to his feet, but couldn’t score his own takedown as Martins backed off. Khabilov went for a jumping knee but it was blocked. Khabilov shot in but Martins sprawled nicely and stayed on his feet. No sense of urgency here from either when they need to solidify this round. Martins landed a jab. Khabilov sent Martins off balance with a right. He connected to the body with an uppercut. Khabilov went for a head kick that was blocked. Martins shot in well again and scored another takedown. Khabilov scrambled up, but then the horn sounded to boos from the crowd.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Martins. Very little actually happened yet again, but Martins’ two takedowns give him the round and likely the fight.

WINNER: Martins via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

STAR RATING: (*-) Surprised Khabilov got two rounds from one of the judges, but that was a bad fight with very little happening, so I guess I can see it. Doesn’t matter, that fight didn’t do anything for either of them really. It goes down as a win over a known name for Martins, but it was just a bad fight.


ROUND ONE: Ferreira opened with some kicks on the outside to the legs and body. He missed a roundhouse capoeira kick. He tossed out a front kick then another kick to the body. Alvey was getting picked apart a bit by the kicks. Ferreira landed a right hand. Ferreira kept it up with kicks. Alvey blocked a couple of strikes. He checked a leg kick, but ate another one to the body. Ferreira again just barely missed a spinning kick. Alvey finally threw a strike. Ferreira landed a kick. Ferreira landed a step in elbow. Alvey then dropped him out of nowhere with a right hand to left hand combo! He landed a couple more on the ground and Ferreira was out cold. That combo was pretty much the third and fourth strike he threw in the entire round. Jesus.

WINNER: Alvey via KO at 3:34 of the first round

STAR RATING: (**+) That was just ridiculous. He was getting absolutely picked apart with those kicks, and wasn’t throwing much of anything before landing that combo. Exciting finish, and that’s now eight straight underdogs who have won on this card.


ROUND ONE: Johnson came out moving quickly, but he ate a hard body kick early. He threw a few combinations and ate another kick. Barboza landed a couple more hard kicks to the body. He missed a big right hand as they were going crazy with exchanges. Barboza landed a few nice counters as Johnson continued to try to press the pace. Barboza landed a nice uppercut as Johnson got in for a clinch. Johnson separated with a right hand. Barboza landed another hard body kick as the pace slowed a little bit. Barboza barely missed a counter left after Johnson connected on a punch. Barboza landed a knee. Barboza went high with a kick that was partially blocked. Johnson was throwing a lot of volume, but not finding a home for a ton. Barboza shot in, but got stuffed and ate a right hand. Johnson opened a cut under Barboza’s right eye. Johnson landed a short combo, then Barboza landed a hard strike. Barboza landed a good spinning back kick to the body. Barboza landed a left hand. Johnson connected on a couple of right hand strikes. Barboza landed a good right hand. Barboza slipped as he threw a left hand. Johnson landed a hard kick with a striking combo behind it, and Barboza fired back a counter-combo. They traded strikes at the cage before the horn.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Johnson. He did some solid damage and pressed that furious pace throughout, but Barboza got in quite a bit of quality damage himself. Close frame.

ROUND TWO: Barboza landed a right hand. He connected on that hard body kick. Johnson landed a combo. Barboza landed a couple of hard body kicks, but Johnson countered. Barboza landed a big left hook. He landed a jab. Barboza’s power definitely having some effect here. They traded left hand strikes. Johnson landed a hard inside leg kick. Barboza staggered him with a right hand, but Johnson recovered. Johnson landed a combo. Barboza missed and Johnson connected again. Barboza clinched and went for a throw, but got planted down himself. The crowd booed as things stalled in Barboza’s butterfly guard. Barboza kicked him off and stood. He landed a body kick. Johnson landed a good right hand. Barboza landed a huge right hand of his own in a counter, but to Johnson’s credit he absorbed the blow well. Johnson came back with a left hook. Johnson landed a couple of punches at the cage. Barboza fired out a kick. Barboza landed a jumping front kick before the horn.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Johnson. Another really close round, and I won’t call robbery if Barboza managed to edge the first two frames with his power striking. Johnson’s aggression and volume are adding up, though.

ROUND THREE: Johnson came forward again to start things off. Barboza landed a hard left, then a straight right. He slipped on a spinning kick attempt. He landed a counter right. Barboza with another counter as Johnson missed a strike. Barboza with a hard kick to the body. Johnson landed a solid left. Barboza landed a hard right hand. Barboza with another counter. Johnson landed a left. Johnson landed a left and ate a body kick. Barboza got in with an uppercut. Johnson landed a short combo. He got in a kick and a right hand. Barboza with a body kick. Barboza with another right hand. Barboza missed the wheel kick. Barboza landed another hard body kick. And another. Barboza blocked a couple of strikes. He missed a jumping kick. Barboza landed a left hook. He went for a flying knee that Johnson just barely avoided. Barboza got in another body kick. Johnson shot in late and scored a takedown. Barboza tried to attack off his back, then kicked Johnson off as the round ended.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Barboza. Very good round striking for him. Might be too little, too late, but he may have edged out one of the first two rounds.

WINNER: Johnson via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

STAR RATING: (***) Really good fight. Johnson pressed a very fast pace, and kept it up for 15 minutes. Barboza did a lot of damage himself, but Johnson just kept up the pressure and never really let any of that faze him. Good win.


ROUND ONE: Mir looked to walk Silva down early. He landed a straight right then got in a left hook before backing out. Silva threw out a front kick. They slowed a bit as the action got a little tentative from each of them. Mir dropped Silva with a left hand and immediately pounced with a series of strikes on the ground. He got in a couple of elbows and more punches and there it is.

WINNER: Mir via KO at 1:40 of the first round

STAR RATING: (**) Not much to it. Bigfoot’s just shot as a fighter, especially post-TRT given his hormonal condition, and he got taken out easily for the second fight in a row. Credit to Mir for pulling it off, and for halting his four-fight losing streak.

-That’s the card for tonight, we’ll have plenty of reaction and more throughout the week as we transition into next week’s UFC 184 pay-per-view event!

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