3 Fights To Watch

Brandon Moreno vs Brandon Royval

The last time they lost was when they last fought, they lost to the same man, the current fly weight champ Alexandre Pantoja. Only one man can bounce back but who has the edge? They are virtually the same fighter to me. I can’t pick one over the other really. Also, I can’t say that either should get a rematch against Pantoja if they win either. I do believe that someone’s career will go downhill after this loss.

These guys have basically only lost via decision so this fight is definitely going the distance. That means we’re going to get a good fight. It also means we probably won’t get a clear winner.

Yair Rodríguez vs Brian Ortega

There was a time I didn’t believe in Ortega, then I did believe in him. Now I don’t believe in him. He had potential, he had the attitude, he just doesn’t hasn’t shown the ability to win the big one. Neither has Yair Rodríguez so I suppose they are similar in that way. They are both cocky, both list to Max Holloway and Volkanovski. I guess they are a lot more similar than I thought. Identical records as well; I just don’t which way to call it. Another great fight?! I think so. This is one we should just sit back and enjoy.

Raul Rosas Jr. vs Ricky Turcios

Rosas rebounded from a decision loss, his first loss, with a TKO win. That puts him firmly in the driver’s seat. Ricky’s been knocked out and goes to decision often, that’s doesn’t inspire confidence  in favoring him in the fight. Ricky Turcios just doesn’t seem like he has what it takes to take this fight away from Raul Rosas. It’ll be fun but it may be quick.

Final take

Not nuch to this card but what’s on it is actually interesting. Again, UFC 300 could have used a couple of these fights but we already beat that dead horse. It’s not star-studded but it could be action packed. Settle in and watch with a beer and some hot wings.

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