3 Fights To Watch 2-17-24

Robert Whittaker vs Paulo Costa

We’ve been cheated out of this fight before, I think it should have been the main event of a Fight Night or on UFC 300’s undercard.. I’m not as excited as I once was.

Let’s be real, Whittaker has to win this or he likely won’t be in title talks for the rest of his UFC career, its just how they are. He’s taken losses to top talent and not being able to get over that hurdle gives UFC cause to pause.

Costa can lose here but he’d have to go undefeated for the rest of his career to get a title shot as far as I’m concerned. A loss tells me that he can’t beat top talent just like Whittaker can’t.

We play it fast and loose with what we’re saying but the fight game is unforgiving. Costa has only lost twice to two top guys but the way UGC has seen it before, that’s enough to look over you for another title opportunity so it really is a career defining moment here. Amanda Nunes has losses and she’s one of the greatest of all time if not thee  greatest. You can have losses but it’s to who and when in you career did it happen, that’s what matters. This loss will most likely be devastating for whomever is on the receiving end of it.

Geoff Neal vs Ian Garry

Is there anyone that likes Ian Garry at this point? The term cuck has been used and his family, mainly his wife, has been brought up continuously but is he bringing it all on himself?! I don’t know the answer to these questions but I do know that he is undefeated. Garry will face his toughest challenge yet, looking to climb closer to a title shot.

Neither man could finish Magny, I don’t see them finishing this fight. Geoff Neal has to stop this young buck Ian Garry or his future with the UFC may be in jeopardy. Sure it would only be a single loss but losses pile up quick in the UFC.

Amanda Lemos vs Mackenzie Dern

I feel like Dern doesn’t have many chances left. Win, lose, win, lose; that pattern shows a lack of progress, not something the UFC does well with. Soon Dern will find herself booked even worse if she takes a loss on this card. With other fighter looking to stand out and prove themselves worthy, she’s one that has to do the same.

Lemos has put some win streaks together, she needs to put one together here in order to get her buzz back. She should blitz Dern, knock her out and leave the judges out of it. A KO gets the people talking about what you’re going to do next, the next fight is always the biggest thing, that’s why it’s the last question interviewers ask you after a fight.

Both have losses in their last fight to top tier fighters, this is a comeback fight. Who will make the comeback?

Final take

Finally a card worthy of decent viewership. Someone put actual effort into this however, I still feel like it’s a nothing burger. Henry Cejudo is fighting on the card and I’ve heard NOTHING about it. It’s gonna be a good card, I’m excited overall but this company has a ton of work to do this year and they haven’t done well so far.

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