3 Fights To Watch

Junior Tafa vs Parker Porter

Tafa suffered his first loss in his last fight against Mohammed Usman. A departure from his usual TKO wins. Porter is looking for revenge after falling to Justin Tafa a couple of fights ago. Junior wants to make sure the Tafa’s are undefeated but Parker Porter is no slouch, he’s also no newbie. Porter is a diverse fighter, he can knock you out or submit you, I’m just not sure Junior is ready for that. I’m just hoping this is more than a one minute fight ending in a knockout (likely for Tafa).

Anthony Smith vs Ryan Spann

Don’t really know what Smith is fighting for anymore at this point. Hes on a 2 fight losing streak, feels as if he amassed all of his losses after fighting Jon Jones and has never been the same again; not exactly the case but it does FEEL that way. Spann losing via rear-naked choke is embarrassing but he seeks redemption in the rematch that could have waited. Spann is going nowhere fast. Getting choked out seems to be a reoccurring theme for him lately. It’s not as if a win here puts him in contention either. I just don’t know where this fights puts either man.

Max Holloway vs The Korean Zombie

Again, looks as if these 2 just amassed as many losses as they could recently. When fighters fall, they fall hard. This isn’t the fight it would have been some years ago but it is still going to be an absolute banger as the kids and filthy wrestling fans say. I feel like this is Holloways swan song, even is that’s unlikely. A devastating loss for Holloway here and he should hang em up if you ask me…

Chan Sung Jung has to be very near retirement himself and this very well could be HIS swan song. He’s talked about it recently and this fight will pretty much determine his future.

The name of the game in this fight is, whoever gets caught first gets caught best. Five round fight with 2 retirements would be crazy but seems very much in the cards.

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