3 Fights To Watch

Robbie Lawler vs Niko Price

Still crazy to see Lawler on the prelims but we can’t all main event each card like the Bloodline.

Winning one of your last 6 fights and losing a bunch of decisions isn’t going to get you back to the top. I sense another retirement fight(because it is). 2023 has been the year where fighters leave their gloves in the octagon.

Niko Price hasn’t faired much better, he’s won only one of hos last five fights. Price has the physical advantages, height and reach but Robbie Lawler got that dawg in em!

Jimmy Crute vs Alonzo Menifield

Crute doesnt lose often but he has recently. Two losses and a draw which may as well be a loss depending on how its viewed and by whom. Crute has one foot out of the door when it comes to his UFC career, even if he wasn’t cut if he lost he wouldn’t be put in any sort of position to turn his career around in that company. With that said I also don’t see him winning this rematch either.

Crute only has two losses but they are legitimate, he needs to win this fight as easily, quickly and dramatically as possible.

I think Menifield needs this fight so that he can remain relevant. There are fighters that can lose and it won’t effect their career but Menifield isn’t one of those guys.

It’s a good thing they are running this fight back so soon. Now both fighters will have a chance to move on from this.

Robert Whittaker vs Dricus Du Plessis

A very important fight in each man’s career. A turning point for one and a catapult for the other.

If Du Plessis wins, he gets a title shot…that’s what I keep seeing/hearing. He’s beaten 19 guys and I’m not impressed with any of them. Only the last two are men of note. I don’t believe in Whittaker though, I think he’s done all he’s going to do in MMA. Hard to say who’s going to pull it out but it will be very interesting to see what kind of turn each men take after this fight. Du Plessis just seems like the new Darren Till, a guy that will be impressive at first then struggle to do anything after his first big loss.

Final Take

A banger of a card up and down. The main event will be great because Volk is great. Yes I’ve changed my mind on him. Not on the fact he lost those 2 max Holloway fights…well maybe just one now. He clearly beat Islam Makhachev but hey it may be karma for the Max Holloway fight(s). Yair may be killed in this fight, I don’t see him having the necessary skill level to last long enough against someone who destroyed the Korean Zombie whom Rodriguez couldnt put away without sneaky tactics.

Moreno is finally looking to the future. Dan Hooker looks to on track as well. If Hooker loses, I never wanna see him on a main car ever again. He is a guy that we hear an awful lot of talk about just for him to lose in dramatic fashion when it matters most.

I’m watching this card from start to finish, not something that is always possible but I can’t wait!

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