Bellator 248 Review

Danish Domination

Mads Burnell vs. Donko Banovic

Featherweight Fight

This fight was an amazing performance for Burnell.  He did what he always does, and it was as if Banovic wasn’t expecting it.  Burnell scored an early takedown with ease and proceeded to work his way to Banovic’s back.  The hammer fists and elbows followed and even though Banovic was trying to escape the ref could tell it would be to no avail and called for the stoppage.  The first MMA fight in France was quite the say to start things off.

Rating: 9/10

Result: 1st Round TKO for Mads Burnell

Kurdistan’s Finest

Ryan Scope vs. Alan Omer

160 Lb. Contract Weight Fight

A 2nd fight with a quick result.  Omer got the better of Scope in less than a couple minutes once he got him down because of a massive body shot.  Scope was trapped against the cage on all fours and Omer started landing heavy hands.  The ref didn’t have much of a choice when Scope wasn’t doing much to protect himself.

Rating: 8.5/10

Result: 1st Round TKO for Alan Omer

No Home Cooking

Oliver Enkamp vs. Emmanuel Dawa

Welterweight Fight

Emmanuel Dawa didn’t take advantage of the chance to get a win in his hometown of Paris in the first MMA event to take place there.  Enkamp had to take some good hits for the opening to show itself and it was after a failed guillotine attempt by Dawa.  Enkamp used that to get top position and continued to work Dawa until he could get him into position for an attempt at a Japanese necktie, and he landed it.  Dawa was the first fighter to get audible support from the limited crowd that was allowed to attend the event.  Enkamp’s chaotic style paid him big dividends in this one.  It’s the longest fight of the day so far, but still a 1st round finish.

Rating: 8/10

Result: 1st Round Submission (Japanese Necktie) for Oliver Enkamp

Main Event

Going the Distance in Paris

Michael Page vs. Ross Houston

Welterweight Fight

The first fight to go the distance on the card.  The first round was a bit of a toss up with some stand up and ground game going back and forth.  The second round was decisively in favor of Page, who had top position for a very large portion of it and landed a lot of big shots.  The third round was mostly both fighters trying not to make a mistake.  Houston just never looked like he had things in control.  It wasn’t the main event the live crowd was hoping for, but it was a fun fight.

Rating: 7.5/10

Result: Unanimous Decision for Michael Page

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