UFC Fight Night Review 9/12/2020 #UFCVegas10

Quarantillo Wins in Quarantine

Billy Quarantillo vs. Kyle Nelson

Featherweight Fight

This fight had quite a bit of back and forths while standing. These boys like to throw hands.  Nelson may have hurt Quarantillo in the first, but Quarantillo gets a takedown briefly.  The fight was stopped in the first for a while because of a low blow.  Quarantillo owned the 2nd round, he had Nelson on the fence for quite some time and landed big shots.  He also almost finished Nelson at the end of the second.  The third round only lasted about 4 seconds as it took one shot from Quarantillo to end things.

Rating: 8/10

Result: KO for Billy Quarantillo in 3rd Round

Bobby “The Psychic King” Green

Bobby Green vs. Alan Patrick

Lightweight Fight

Bobby Green may very well be psychic.  He seemed to know everytime that Patrick was going to throw a punch.  He landed great shots at perfect times, scored several takedowns, and simply made his opponent look 3 full steps slower.  Green’s impressive resurgence continues, I hope there’s a shot at gold in his near future.  Green also cut his post win interview short because he couldn’t handle the emotion of hearing about the death of Iranian wrestler Navid Afkari.

Rating: 9/10

Result: Unanimous Decision for Bobby Green

By ANY Means Necessary 

Mike Rodriguez vs. Ed Herman

Light Heavyweight Fight

Ed Herman just pulled either the dirtiest, or most masterful performance in a while.  He took a big shot in the first and fought to survive with a clinch.  In the 2nd Herman took a low blow, but after looking at replays there is a lot of doubt that it was actually a low blow.  Herman took the time to recover all the same.  In the third Rodriguez had multiple chances to finish Herman, but Herman wouldn’t let him finish it.  Herman then grabs an arm out of desperation and then locks in a kimura out of nowhere and Rodriguez can’t escape and is forced to tap.

Rating: 9/10

Result: 3rd Round Submission for Ed Herman

Happy Roxy

Roxanne Modafferi vs. Andrea Lee

Women’s Flyweight Fight

Roxane Modafferi had a plan, take it to the ground and keep it there.  She mostly succeeded, even though the first time the fight went to the ground was because of a rough takedown by Lee.  Modafferi never let the fight get away from her, and every attempt from Lee just looked somewhat desperate. Very solid performance.

Rating: 7.5/10

Result: Unanimous Decision for Roxanne Modafferi

Big Shot from Rabat

Ottman Azaitar vs. Khama Worthy

Lightweight Fight

Always great to see a first round knockout, even if the man isn’t actually knocked out.  Worthy got up and protested immediately, but ref Herb Dean called a stop after a ridiculous flurry from Azaitar that Worthy had no answers for.  Azaitar truly is on a meteoric rise, if it continues you’ll see MMA gyms popping up all over Morocco. 

Rating: 8/10

Result: 1st Round TKO for Ottman Azaitar

History Made, History is Coming?

Michelle Waterson vs. Angela Hill

Women’s Strawweight Fight

This was a fantastic fight, especially because it was historic as soon as the bell rang.  Big congratulations to Angela Hill being the first black woman to main event a UFC event.  She certainly lived up to the hype, and more.  This was one of the most evenly challenged fights I’ve seen in this division.  Hill seemed to have the edge standing up, and always seemed to be walking Waterson down more than the reverse.  Waterson however, kept herself in the fight with a couple takedowns and getting the better of clinches.  The 3rd round was the decider for me, as it was the only round that Waterson got the better of Hill while standing.  The next question is, are we on our way to, as Michelle Waterson put it, our first “mommy champion?”

Rating: 9.5/10

Result: Split Decision for Michelle Waterson

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