ROUNDTABLE: Staff predictions for Robbie Lawler vs. Ben Askren

By Michael Hiscoe, Managing Editor

Robbie Lawler (photo credit Joe Camporeale © USA Today)

Who will win Saturday’s fight between Robbie Lawler and Ben Askren?

Sean Covington, Columnist – Covington’s Corner

Robbie Lawler has fallen off since Woodley beat him, he just isn’t the same. The old Robbie Lawler would destroy Ben Askren but I don’t know where Lawler’s head is at. However, Ben Askren is setting himself up for failure. He has all the wrong things to say it seems. I don’t see Ben Askren doing much more than beating a deflated Robbie Lawler, after this fight, Askren will meet his match and become a joke, a bad one.

Frank Hyden, Columnist – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I think Askren wins a boring affair that has us all questioning our life choices for watching it. I don’t think there’s any chance Askren wants to stand with Lawler so he’ll try to take him down as soon as possible. That’s the smart move, why risk getting your head knocked off when you can just grapple Lawler for three rounds and head to the club afterwards? Askren might not do that but he’ll surely take Lawler down and lay on him to get the decision win.
Askren will show again why he’s one of the best grapplers in the sport. I think Askren will go for some submissions but I also think Lawler won’t be caught by any of them so we get a sort of stalemate type fight where Lawler can stop Askren from submitting him but can’t stop him from keeping him on the mat. Not very exciting but very effective.

Christian Moore, MMATorch Contributor

I think Askren gets it done pretty soundly. I think he throws Robbie around for 3 rounds, because I don’t think Robbie taps, or is TKO’d. So I’m going with Askren by decision, but I could see Lawler getting a KO, so we’ll see.


Michael Hiscoe, MMATorch Managing Editor

Ben Askren has never lost, and I don’t think that’s going to change on Saturday night. After years of acting uninterested, Dana White and UFC finally brought Askren in. While I wouldn’t put it past them to try and humble him in his first fight, I don’t think they’re going to want him to look bad after giving him a reasonable amount of hype. Lawler is probably the most accomplished fighter Askren has faced, but I don’t think we’re going to get the best version of Robbie Lawler at UFC 235. I think Askren takes a convincing decision but Lawler will give him some trouble during early striking exchanges.

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