Tito Ortiz to Dana White: ‘This is not about you’

By Michael Hiscoe, Managing Editor

Credit: Tito Ortiz, Instagram

Dana White went off on Oscar De La Hoya in classic Dana fashion during an appearance on “UFC Unfiltered” this week. He criticized De La Hoya for putting Chuck Liddell in the cage, and was furious over the poor pay Golden Boy gave to undercard fighters while claiming UFC did not treat it’s fighters fairly.

Tito Ortiz, who headlined the event for a reported $200,000 plus pay-per-view points fired back at White in an Instagram post published Tuesday evening. The photo is of White presenting Ortiz with his UFC Hall of Fame trophy and Ortiz writes respectfully to White:

“I appreciate everything you have done for the me & the sport, in my humble opinion I don’t feel Chuck & I were compensated correctly for all that we gave & sacrificed for the company,” he said. “When you sold the company for over 4.5 billion dollars how much of that did Chuck and I get ? Nothing…. ”

Ortiz goes on to say that he and Golden Boy are trying to create something new for fighters, to have options other than UFC. He also suggests to White that he stay out of it.

“This is not about you, it is not about me… I want it to be about the fighters & giving them the opportunity to share in all the rewards this business has to offer to where they don’t have to fight when they are 43 & 48.”


The 43-year-old Ortiz defeated Liddell, 48, by first-round knockout in Golden Boy Promotion’s first MMA effort on pay-per-view. Ortiz and White have certainly had their run-ins and disagreements over the years and Ortiz, perhaps uncharacteristically, chose to take the high road here. As for White, it’s only a matter of time before TMZ “runs into him” for a response.

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