Daniel Cormier says he delayed WWE commentary audition to take UFC 230 fight

Daniel Cormier

It’s no secret that Daniel Cormier is a big pro-wrestling fan. He has also become a favorite in the UFC commentary booth, all while holding two world championships.

It turns out that Cormier has another job in his sights, with WWE. Cormier spoke with media in Las Vegas Friday and shared that he had an audition scheduled to be a WWE commentator, but he had to put it off to take a short notice fight with Derrick Lewis at UFC 230 next month.

“They wanted me to go in and do an audition as a member of the commentary team,” Cormier said (via MMAFighting). “That was my private little thing. But because of the fight, I had to push it back. So there might be some DC in WWE coming.”

Cormier has expressed a desire to retire in early 2019 after one or two more fights so the WWE gig may be something he is looking to line up for post-retirement rather than adding to his current load.

If the job does pan out, Cormier’s enthusiasm for wrestling along with the skills he’s developed as a color commentator should make him an excellent fit.

Hiscoe’s Analysis: I love DC as a commentator for UFC. He’s a personal favorite of mine and I think he adds a lot to the broadcast when he is on. Commentary in WWE is a different animal thorough and what he says will be tightly controlled, especially on the main roster. That said, his personality should shine if they allow it to. Anyone who pays close attention to WWE knows that there is a quota they like to fill in their commentela booths, but that is the last reason Cormier should be considered for this job. He’s skilled as a commentator, enthusiastic and knowldeknowle about WWE and pro-wrestling, so he would be an excellent and unique addition to the team. One thing Cormier has that other WWE commentator’s don’t is real-world sports experience in a setting that WWE fans will be familiar with. This should lend him some credibility behind the mic that is sometimes lacking on WWE TV.


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