BELLATOR 207 REPORT: Live Results & Analysis of Mitrione-Bader, Nelson-Kharitonov

By Michael Hiscoe, Managing Editor

Bellator 207
October 12, 2018
Uncasville, Connecticut
Live on Paramount Network and DAZN (9 PM ET)

Quick Prelim Results

Pat Casey def. Kastriot Xhema unanimous decision

Alexandra Ballou def. Lisa Blaine via third round TKO

Mike Kimbel def. Alex Potts via first round KO

Sarah Click def. Kristi Lopez via unanimous decision

Andre Fialho def. Javier Torres via majority decision

Janay Harding def. Sinead Kavanagh via first round TKO

Vinicius de Jesus def. Tim Caron via unanimous decision

Main Card

(1) Carrington Banks vs. Mandel Nallo (Lightweight)

ROUND ONE: Nallo used his kicks early on. Banks went for a takedown that was stuffed. Banks went for another takedown but Nallo turned it in to a choke but Banks escaped. Banks gained top position and worked some ground and pound against the cage. Round ended with Banks on top. 10-9 Banks

ROUND TWO: They were trading in the center of the cage and then Nallo landed a crazy jumping knee out of nowhere that stiffened Banks and put him out cold. It was a counter to a left jab and Banks was not ready for it at all. A crazy highlight reel knockout.

Result: Mandel Nallo by knockout at :57 of round two.

Hiscoe’s Analysis: Crazy knockout. This one is worth seeking out a replay of. 

(2) Baby Slice vs. Corey Browning (Lightweight)

ROUND ONE: Slick got a quick takedown and there were a lot of scrambles before they found themselves standing. They clinched against the cage and Slice worked for a takedown. They ended up on the ground by Browning had Slice in a crucifix and was delivering elbows to a defenseless Slice, but didn’t get the finish. 10-9 Browning

ROUND TWO: Browning dropped Slice early in the round but Slice recomposed himself and took top position on the ground. He worked to side control and after a submission attempt, ended up mounting Browning. He lost position and seemed to be out of gas. From there Browning was able to posture up and teed off on Slice and he got the stoppage.

Result: Corey Browning by TKO at 2:08 of round 2. 

Hiscoe’s Analysis: It was a bit of a sloppy fight but a nice back and forth tilt if nothing else. Slice showed some decent skills with his wrestling and ground game but clearly needs to work on his cardio and finishing his submission attempts.

(3) Lorenz Larkin vs. Ion Pascu (Welterweight)

ROUND ONE: This is an alternate fight for the welterweight tournament. Pascu went for an early takedown but couldn’t get it. The clinched against the cage and Larkin landed a knee to the body as they broke apart. Pascu kicked Larkin in the groin but Larkin asked for the fight to continue. They traded a bit in the center. 10-9 Larkin

ROUND TWO: Pascu stormed in for the takedown immediately. Larkin ate another groin shot and again insisted the fight continue. Larkin went for a flying knee. Larkin’s footwork was sharp, but neither guy was landing enough to do any significant damage. Pascu caught a kick and still couldn’t get a takedown and he ate  punch in the process. Pascu still pushed for the takedown but Larkin’s defense was strong. 10-9 Larkin, 20-18.

ROUND THREE: Larkin came out quick with good footwork and mixing up his punches and kicks. Pascu started to fade as this round went on and Larkin, while somewhat conservative began to run away with it. Pascu was able to get a takedown with about two minutes to go. Larkin was busy off his back but he still ate some shots. Pascu went for an ankle lock but lost position just as the round ended. 10-9 Larkin, 30-27.

Result: Lorenz Larkin by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)

Hiscoe’s Analysis: While this wasn’t a spectacular performance, it did demonstrate that Lorenz Larkin is a very fundamentally strong fighter who can give anyone a hard time. If he does find himself inserted into the welterweight tournament, he has the potential to go deep.

(4) Roy Nelson vs. Sergei Kharitonov (Heavyweight)

ROUND ONE: Nelson has this ridiculous entrance video with this “Big Country” graphic on a farm like something out of WWF from 1996. Kharitonov worked a jab early and Nelson was swinging big. Kharitonov threw a knee while Nelson had a knee on the ground and it was an obvious foul but Nelson’s reaction to  it was oddly delayed. The ref deducted a point for the knee. They continued the pattern of Kharitonov throwing shorter punches and Nelson throwing bombs. Nelson started to work his jab in. Nelson came in with a combo and then went for a takedown but didn’t get it. Kharitonov landed a nice body shot to Nelson. Kharitonov started landing heavyier punches. Nelson tried to cover up and throw big punches to counter. Kharitonov landed some uppercuts and Nelson was reeling against the cage. Nelson ate some big shots including a big knee and an uppercut that dropped him just as the round was ending and the ref stopped it. This was a good stoppage.

Result: Sergei Kharitonov by first round knockout at 4:59

Hiscoe’s Analysis: This was one of those fights where one guy or the other was going down and it was Kharitonov’s night. The panel talked earlier in the broadcast about how Nelson often relies too heavily on his big right hand and that’s what happened here. Nelson couldn’t get the takedown and he didn’t have much else when the right hands weren’t landing. 

(5) Matt Mitrione vs. Ryan Bader (Heavyweight)

ROUND ONE: The winner of this fight will take on the winner of tomorrow’s Fedor vs. Chael Sonnen fight in the tournament finals. Bader went for a low double leg takedown right away. Bader worked to pass while Mitrione worked his way to his feet. He got up and Bader tripped him back down. Mitrione got up again but Bader just brought him back down. Bader started throwing hard left hands to the head. Bader threw some body shots. It’s all Bader so far. 10-8 Bader.

ROUND TWO: Bader took him down right away once again. He worked his way to half-guard and Mitrione gave up his back. Bader threw punches while working for mount. Bader got ahold of Mitrione’s wrist and worked for a Kimura. Mitrione scrambled to try and get up but Bader was holding him down. Some body shots from Bader. Mitrione was sucking wind. Mitrione got up with a few seconds left. 10-8 Bader, 20-16.

ROUND THREE: Bader shot immediately and got the takedown and the crowd hated it so much. Bader worked the body while Mitrione did his best to get up. Mitrione gave up his back again and Bader delivered shots to the face. Mitrione had zero offense in this fight thus far. Just a pure mauling by Bader here. 10-8, 30-24. No doubt about this one.

Result: Ryan Bader by unanimous decision (30-25, 30-24, 30-25)

Hiscoe’s Analysis: It was pretty impressive how easily Bader was able to get Mitrione down and then keep him there. Regardless of the outcome of the Fedor-Chael fight on Saturday, Bader has to be the odds-on favorite to take the crown. 

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