UFC 229 PRELIMS: Live Results & Analysis of Pettis-Formiga, Lansberg-Kunitskaya and more

By Robert Vallejos

UFC 229 Prelims
October 6, 2018
Las Vegas, Nevada from T-Mobile Arena
Live on UFC Fight Pass (6:30 PM ET) and FX (8 PM ET)

(1) Ryan LaFlare vs. Tony Martin (Welterweight)

ROUND ONE: LaFlare lands a super-man punch and a series of kicks. He repeats the sequence. LaFlare lands a low-blow kick, time is stopped. They resume. LaFlare falls, but gets up quickly. Martin goes for a standing clinch against the cage. They reset to the center. Martin lands a series of punch combos. LaFlare lands a strong body kick, tries to shoot into the corner, but the round ends

ROUND TWO: LaFlare attempts a supper-man punch. Martin lands a stiff body kick, LaFlare goes down. Martin lands punches from a standing position, goes into a mount. LaFlare pulls guard. Laflare is able to move but gives up his back, before returning to a guard. After some scrambling Martin nearly gets a choke. After a fury of grounded punches from LaFlare, they stand.

ROUND THREE: LafFlare lands a leg kick, Marin briefly falls. They are both upright. Martin lands a right-head kick, LaFlare goes down, Martin lands hammer-fists, its over.

Analysis: Really solid showing by Martin, he looked like the better fighter during every exchange. 

Result: Tony Martin via TKO at 1:00 of Round 3

(2) Gray Maynard vs. Nik Lentz (Lightweight)

ROUND ONE: Lentz lands a powerful leg kick, make that two. Lentz lands a stiff right hook. Lents lands hooks to the head against the cage. Lentz has Maynard locked up. They break. Lentz lands a strong left, once again Lentz gets the advantage at the cage. Lentz sinks a guillotine, Maynard is able to roll out of it, but still takes punches from a mounted Lentz. Maynard is very bloody. Maynard gives up his back, Lentz continues to pour it on, they stand right before the round ends.

ROUND TWO: Lentz gets a finger in the eye, time is stopped. The doctor is called into the cage. Fight resumes they land stiff exchanges. Lentz lands a stiff head-kick, Maynard goes down, the ref calls it!

Analysis: Lentz had a perfect showing here. Maynard on the other hand, looked every bit like an aged-out fighter.

Result: Nik Lenz via KO at 1:19 of round 2

(3) Lina Lansberg vs. Yana Kunitskaya (Bantamweight)

ROUND ONE: They tie up in the middle of the cage. Kunitskaya lands a judo throw. Kunitskaya ends up on top.  At the cage Lansberg stands, but they remain locked at the fence. Kunitskaya lands another throw, looks to get into side-control. Kunitskaya lands elbows from the side.

ROUND TWO: Kunitskaya attempts several kicks, they lockup at the cage. The ref separates them and they reset. Lansberg lands a solid right hand. Kunitskaya intercepts the offence and walks Lansberg into the cage. As they get to the ground, Lansberg nearly takes Kunitskaya’s back but the round ends.

ROUND THREE: Kuntiskaya lands a kick to the body and they clinch into the cage. As they separate they exchange punches. They once again are locked up at the fence. They briefly break before being locked up again. The ref resets them. Lansberg lands a a body kick. Kunitskaya get a quick takedown before the fight ends.

Analysis: Very underwhelming fight, Kunitskaya was in conrol for the entire fight, Lansberg was never able to get in any significant offence.

Result: Kunitskaya via UD 30-27 3x

NOTE: We now move over to FS1

(4) Scott Holtzman vs. Alan Patrick (Lightweight)

ROUND ONE: Holtzman lands a hard right hand. Patrick with an attempted reverse side-kick. Patrick lands several stiff punches. Holtzman gets a very strong leg kick. Right head-kick by Holtzman. Holtzman lands sold rights before Patrick pulls him into the cage. They go back to center. Holtzman lands a strong leg kick that drops Patrick. Holtzman remains on top. Holtzman stands, Patrick lands a kick from the ground right before the round ends.

ROUND TWO: Patrick with active strikes, but nothing significant lands. Patrick goes for a takedown, but fails to land. Holtzman backs Patrick into the cage. Holtzman gets the takedown. Patrick unsuccessfully attempts a leg-lock. Holtzman lands punches from atop. They stand. After both men miss some heavy shots, they get locked up at the fence. They break. Patrick trows wide punches but Holtzman locks him up.

ROUND THREE: Holtzman counters an aggressive Patrick with a hard right. Holtzman lands a combo and drops Patrick. Holtzman lands shots from the top, before going into some ground N pound. Patrick stays active from the bottom. Holtzman KO’s Patrick with elbows from the mount.

 Analysis: Both men threw very hard, but only Holtzman seemed to land precise strikes. 

Result: Holtzman via KO at 3:42 of round 3

(5) Aspen Ladd vs. Tonya Evinger (Bantamweight)

ROUND ONE: They exchange punches immediately. They clinch at the cage. They sprawl to the ground. Ladd ends up on top. Evinger gives up her back. Ladd lands shots to the side of the head. Ladd with elbows to the back of the head. Ladd reigns down punches and hammer-fists, the ref steps in and stops the fight.

Analysis: Complete mugging by Ladd against a name opponent. In a shallow division she might be someone to watch out for.

Result: Ladd via TKO at 3:26 of round 1

(6) Vicente Luque vs. Jalin Turner (Welterweight)

ROUND ONE: Luque with some solid jabs. Luque with side-kick. Turner counters a head-kick attempt with a combo. Turner lands a knee to the body. Turner goes for a spinning backfist but gets caught with strikes. Turner goes down, Luque lands shots on top and the ref stops it.

Analysis: Very strong performance by Luque. Despite the poise and size of Turner, Luque’s power and technique was on full display here. 

Result: Luque via KO  at 3:52 of round 1

(7) Sergio Pettis vs. Jussier Formiga (Flyweight)

ROUND ONE: Formiga getting the better of the initial exchanges. Formiga grabs a leg, gets a takedown, but Pettis gets up. Formiga lands another takedown, Pettis pulls guard.

ROUND TWO: Pettis counter punches with a strike to the head. Formiga shoots, but Pettis neutralizes and they remain standing. Pettis lands a jab combination. Formiga grabs a leg. and gets a takedown. Pettis keeps Formiga away with up-kick, before pulling guard. They stand, but the round ends.

ROUND THREE: Formiga grabs a leg, but ends up getting a standing body triangle from behind. Formiga lands punches from behind. Formiga locks in the choke. Pettis slips out of the choke. Pettis walks Formiga to the center, but Formiga remains on Pettis’ back until the end of the round.

Result: Jusssier Formiga via UD 30-26, 29-28 2x


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