Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series S2 EP 7 Report

Cole Henry, MMATorch Contributor

Shawn Teed vs. Juan Adams (Heavyweight/265)

Round 1: Juan Adams rushes in early with a flurry of punches, all straights. Teed is desperately looking for a takedown, but Adams doesn’t allow it. I don’t know how Teed managed to survive that flurry.  Teed forces the fight against the fence, he’s looking for a single leg but settles for pulling guard. Teed is looking for a heel hook and he might have it! Nice escape by Adams but that was tense for a moment. Adams is now on top in side control. Teed is fishing for a leg, but he’s taking a pounding. Adams is raining left hands down into the face of Shawn Teed. Teed is making very little effort to gain any sort of control, and he’s allowed Adams to take his back. Adams is landing more shots here and its over. Teed can take a beating but Adams was just by far the better fighter here tonight.

Result: Juan Adams def. Shawn Teed via TKO (Punches) Round 1, 4:17

Post-Fight: Juan Adams trashed his opponent in the post-fight interview. He should be an interesting fighter to see in the UFC. It’s a safe bet that he will get a contract.

Maurice Mitchell vs. Jordan Griffin (Featherweight/145)

Round 1: Mitchell runs into a hard-straight left from Jordan Griffin. Mitchell used a nice fake jab, head kick combo that landed. Both guys are still looking to establish a rhythm from the looks of things. Mitchell grabs an under hook and force the fight against the fence, but we see a quick separation. Griffin shoots in but Mitchell grabs his neck! Mitchell transitions to a North/South position but Griffin manages to escape! Griffin lands a hard-left hook and Mitchell is down! Griffin takes the back and sinks in a rear naked choke and its all over!

Jordan Griffin def. Maurice Mitchell via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Round 1, 3:57

Ian Heinisch vs. Justin Sumter (Middleweight/185)

Round 1: Ian Heinisch is a convict and Justin Sumter has a job as a full-time engineer…only in MMA. They exchange low kicks early. Sumter connects with an inside leg kick. Both guys are taking it easy early on. Heinisch attempts a flying knee but Sumter catches him and completes a takedown. Heinisch has a guillotine but Sumter pops out of it. Heinisch is attacking with an armbar, very hard to tell how deep it is but Sumter is out anyway. Sumter takes the back with one hook in, but Heinisch shakes him and he’s back in top position. Heinisch is chest to chest with Sumter, which limits the movement of his opponent on bottom. Heinisch is turning up the pressure now and landing some hard elbows and it’s over! Sumter is out!

Result: Ian Heinisch def. Justin Sumter via KO (Elbows) Round 1, 3:37

Rankings (Opinion):

  1. Ian Heinisch
  2. Juan Adams
  3. Jordan Griffin

Mitchell Sipe vs. Don’tale Mayes (Heavyweight/265)

Round 1: They are both throwing big punches early. Mayes connects with a right and Sipe is down. Sipe grabs a leg to pull himself up and they are back in the center. Sipe lands a front kick, low kick combination. He’s using his kicks very well so far. Mayes attempted what I think was flying knee but Sipe catches it and puts Mayes on his back. Sipe is in side control, but Mayes pops out and they are back on the feet. Very sloppy fight so far. Mayes appears to be a bit tired, his punches are coming in slow motion. We have a brief pause due to a groin strike by Sipe. Back to the action and they bash heads but keep fighting. Sipe is looking for a takedown against the fence but can’t quite get it as Mayes circles out from the fence. Sipe is throwing some big shots. (10-9 Sipe) Wow that was a sloppy round. They bashed heads a few times through out the round and Mayes is wearing a nice gash on his forehead. Sipe appears to be the fresher man, and more well-rounded striker through the first 5 minutes.

Round 2: Sipe breaks the ice with a low kick that wobbles Mayes a bit. Sipe connects with an over hand right and forces the fight against the fence. This is like rock-em, sock-em robots. Sipe is now controlling the fight against the fence but both guys appear to be a bit tired. They are both whiffing on big shots and they bash heads each time it happens. Long gaps in between strike now by both guys, and both are bleeding badly. The ref just stopped the action and the doctors are looking at the cut over Mitchell Sipe’s eye. Its Nasty. The replay just showed that an elbow split Sipe open. Good stuff there. Ack to the action and Sipe is looking for a takedown but eats a few hammer fists for his efforts and now Mayes has his back. Sipe rolls over and now Mayes is landing shots from the top position. Sipe is a mess and Mayes is landing some hard elbows from the top with 50 seconds left in the round. Sipe has to get control of the wrists or the arms or something, he’s just desperately trying to survive. Its over.

Result: Don’tale Mayes def. Mitchell Sipe via TKO (Elbows) Round 2, 4:49

Roosevelt Roberts vs. Garrett Gross (Lightweight/155)

Round 1: Roberts has a standing guillotine early, but Gross manages to escape. Gross is now controlling the action against the fence. Roberts scores a takedown with three minutes remaining in the round. Roberts is landing some shots from the half guard position and he appears to be working towards a guillotine. Roberts is doing a good job of controlling the wrist and making sure that Garrett Gross doesn’t get up. Gross briefly gets to his feet but Roberts slams him right back to the ground. Again, Roberts is fishing for the guillotine, but Gross manages to escape. (10-9 Roberts) Total domination there by Roosevelt Roberts. He is the larger fighter and the clearly superior grappler.

Round 2: Gross comes out with a flurry and lands a hard-right hand, but Roberts quickly takes him down. Roberts moves into mount basically without resistance. Roberts pins an arm of his opponent to the mat and lands some hard punches! Gross rolls to his knees and Roberts takes the back. He sinks in a rear naked choke and its over!

Result: Roosevelt Roberts def. Garrett Gross via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Round 2,

Final Rankings (opinion):

  1. Roosevelt Roberts
  2. Ian Heinisch
  3. Juan Adams
  4. Jordan Griffin
  5. Don’tale Mayes

Roosevelt Roberts, Ian Heinisch, Juan Adams, and Jordan Griffin have all been rewarded with UFC contracts.

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