UFC 226 Live Report

Cole Henry, MMATorch Contributor



Emily Whitmire def. Jamie Moyle via Unanimous Decision

Dan Hooker def. Gilbert Burns via KO (Punches) Round 1, 2:28  

Curtis Millender vs. Max Griffin (Welterweight/170)

Round 1: Griffin won the round with his movement and a well-timed takedown. 10-9 Griffin

Round 2: Max Griffin is doing a good job of getting in and out and landing nice shots in the process. Millender seems a bit frazzled after that first round. Griffin landed a high kick that caused Joe Rogan to erupt but Millender handled it well. Left hook lands for Millender, I think he landed a knee right before that shot landed. Millender landed a few hammer fists on the ground as the round ended. I think that last little flurry won it for him. 10-9 Millender

Round 3: Short left hook lands for Griffin early in the round. Griffin rushes in with a flurry and lands a few hard shots before changing levels for a double leg. He can’t quite get it, but he did manage to force the fight against the fence. They separate, and Millender lands a big knee against the fence! He rushes in with a flurry pf punches and Griffin eats quite a few of them! Great fight and it could go either way. 10-9 Millender

Result: Curtis Millender def. Max Griffin via Unanimous Decision

Lando Vannata vs. Drakkar Klose (Lightweight/155)

Round 1: They clinch early, Klose throws a spinning back fist but Vannata counters and drags him down to the mat. Klose is back to his feet and attempting to gain wrist control. Vannata backs him up with a jab and they are back in the center. Close is keeping tight pressure on Vannata and its really hindering his game. Good work her by Klose to make this his fight. Klose is countering a lot of the spinning techniques that usually make Vannata effective. 10-9 Klose

Round 2: Spinning back kick to the face lands for Vannata to start the round. Good stuff there. Slow second minute here, both guys are looking to set something up. Klose closes the distance and forces the fight against the fence. Vannata tried for a hip toss but Vannata wound up on top. Vannata is right back up though. Klose lands a calf kick that knocked Vannata off balance. Just a brilliant game plan by Klose tonight, he is beating Vannata at his own game. He is attacking the lead leg and consistently keeping Vannata off balance. 10-9 Klose

Round 3: Klose closes the distance early and forces the fight against the fence. Vannata has to create some separation here. He is not effective from this position at all and he is almost certainly down two rounds. Vannata scores an ankle pick and has the back now. He has both hooks in, but Klose is able to get out of it and they are back on the feet. Klose completes a double leg against the fence with 10 seconds left. 10-9 Klose (30-27 Klose)

Result: Drakkar Klose def. Lando Vannata via Unanimous Decision

(11)Rob Font vs. (3)Raphael Assuncao (Bantamweight/135)

Round 1: Good back and forth action early. Assuncao lands a big right hand that puts Font down. He gets right back to his feet, but it was a good shot none the less. Flying knee lands for Font but it wasn’t flush and Assuncao eats it and keeps moving forward. 10-9 Assuncao

Round 2: Assuncao gets a double leg early and quickly transitions into side control. Rob Font is able to recover a half guard and is looking for an armbar but Assuncao is no slouch on the ground. Hard elbow lands for Assuncao. Font is back on his feet with two minutes left in the round. Assuncao lands a jab and a straight right combination. 10-9 Assuncao

Round 3: Assuncao connects with a jab and right straight combo. He completes a takedown and finds himself the guard of Rob Font. Assuncao is in half guard, going back and forth between that and mount. Font is looking for an armbar but Assuncao pops right out of it. Assuncao is landing some short elbows from side control with about 30 seconds left. Good fight for Assuncao and I think he will pick up the win here. He remains a top contender of the bantamweight division. 10-9 Assuncao (30-27 Assuncao)

Result: Raphael Assuncao def. Rob Font via Unanimous Decision

Uriah Hall vs. Paulo Costa (Middleweight/185)

Round 1: Hall seems to be favoring the left hook early. Left hand lands for Hall, it countered a body kick that landed for Costa. Costa lands a big over hand right against the fence. Costa is having success anytime he can limit Hall’s movement. Costa lands a kick DIRECTLY to the groin of Uriah Hall. We have a stoppage in the action while Hall attempts to recover. Hall lands a spinning back kick and things are starting to pick up. Hall is starting to land the jab with some success and Costa seems a bit lost. Costa is attacking and landing some big shots against the fence, he has a clinch and is landing knees to the body. Left hook lands for Costa. This is getting violent. Big right-hand lands for Costa. Good stuff here. Hall is not moving off the line and its allowing Costa to tee off on him. Costa lands another groin strike, but it was grazing. We get a stoppage in the action anyway. Back to the action and Hall lands a spinning back kick to the body. Tough rough to call with all the stoppages and drama but I think Costa did enough to get it. 10-9 Costa

Round 2: Uriah Hall opens the round with a double leg takedown but Costa pops right up. Costa attacks but Hall catches him with something and Costa is hurt! Hall lands a few shots and Costa is backing up! They are both swinging! Damn this is a fight! Costa lands a big left hook and Hall is hurt! Costa folds Hall with a body shot and this fight is over! Going to be hard to top this one. Both guys deserve every dollar they get for this fight and more.

Result: Paula Costa def. Uriah Hall via KO (Punches) Round 2, 2:38

UFC 226 PPV Card

Gokhan Saki vs. Khalil Rountree Jr. (Light-Heavyweight/205)

Round 1: They are exchanging early. Saki is looking for a high kick but Rountree is having success of his own. Rountree lands a huge left straight and Saki is down and its over!!!! WOW! KO win on the feet against a former World Kickboxing Champion.

Result: Khalil Rountree Jr. def. Gokhan Saki via KO (Punch) Round 1, 1:36

(9)Michael Chiesa vs. (12)Anthony Pettis (Lightweight/155)

Round 1: Chiesa catches a kick early and scores a takedown against the fence. Chiesa is looking for an arm-triangle, but Pettis is defending it well. Chiesa is bullying Pettis on the ground so far. Back on the feet and Chiesa lands a grazing head kick as they separate. Chiesa has a clinch and is working for a takedown against the fence and gets it. Pettis is the much smaller man here tonight. Back on the feet and Chiesa is relentless with these takedown attempts. Hard low kick lands for Pettis, good stuff there. Chiesa fell down at the end of the round, but I don’t know if it was a trip or if Pettis caught him with something. 10-9 Chiesa

Round 2: Pettis lands a right that staggers Chiesa and Pettis pulls guard looking for a guillotine. He transitions to the armbar and Chiesa taps!

Result: Anthony Pettis def. Michael Chiesa via Submission (Triangle/Armbar) Round 2, 0:52

Mike Perry vs. Paul Felder (Welterweight/170)

Round 1: Felder is bleeding early from his scalp. I’m not sure what caused it. Rogan is saying it was a headbutt. Felder is controlling the fight against the fence and landing some hard elbows. Felder lands a hard-right hand off a jab. Big swing and miss for Perry and Felder hits him with a spinning elbow for his trouble. Felder lands a hard-standing knee, but Perry hits him with a hard shot in return. Felder lands a spinning back fist and fails on a takedown attempt as the round ends. Good stuff so far. 10-9 Perry

Round 2: Perry scores with a high crotch takedown. Felder looks for an armbar from his back but couldn’t find it. Much slower round here. Felder lands a nice short elbow, but he really needs to turn it up a bit, he’s just getting out paced. Perry lands a big left hook and Felder is busted open. We have a break in the action while the doctor takes a look at Felder’s cut.  Back to the action and Perry scores a takedown and Felder is in some real trouble here. Perry is landing some big shots here. 10-9 Perry

Round 3: Felder opens the round with a big left hook. Felder attempts a takedown, but nothing is there. Another left hook lands for Perry. Perry gets through with a big straight right. He is in complete control so far. Perry is looking for a takedown and gets it, but Felder is right back up. Perry is working to get the fight back down, but Felder is defending well. They are trading shots as the round ends. 10-9 Perry (30-27 Perry)

Result: Mike Perry def. Paul Felder via Split Decision

(5)Derrick Lewis vs. (1)Francis Ngannou (Heavyweight/265)

Round 1: Long feeling out process at the start of the round. Lewis lands a body kick but doesn’t follow it up with anything. Lots of kicks by Lewis early in the round. Ngannou hasn’t thrown much of anything. Lewis sets up a double leg but can’t get it. Slow round. 10-9 Lewis

Round 2: Nothing has happened through the first two minutes of the round. Lewis shoots for a takedown but Ngannou shakes him. Jab lands for Ngannou. This is not what anybody was expecting. Herb Dean just pulled them together and threatened to take a point for lack of action. Its that bad…Body kick lands for Derrick Lewis. 10-9 Lewis but I don’t really know. This is not a good fight so far, but Lewis is at least throwing a few strikes.

Round 3: Ngannou is just refusing to engage. Everything he throws is from far outside of range. Less than two minutes remain and neither guy has landed anything notable. Lewis lands some hard knees in the clinch with 15 seconds left. I hate being critical, but this was one of the biggest disappointments in a while. Just a terrible fight. Nobody deserves a win. 10-9 Lewis (30-27 Lewis)

Result: Derrick Lewis def. Francis Ngannou via Unanimous Decision

They just showed Brock Lesnar on TV. He appeared to be walking to his seat. Let the speculation begin.

(C) Stipe Miocic vs. (C)*Daniel Cormier for UFC Heavyweight Championship

*UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion

Round 1: Stipe gets a takedown early. Cormier is right back up, but Stipe is controlling him against the fence with an under hook. Stipe is landing some good shots. Big knee by Stipe, and Cormier is back against the fence. Stipe is landing some good shots here. Cormier poked Stipe in the eye and we have a break in the action. Hard body kick lands for Cormier. Weird round so far. Cormier lands a big shot in the clinch and Stipe is down! Cormier lands a few on the ground and its all over! Daniel Cormier is now the UFC Heavyweight Champion.

Result: Daniel Cormier def. Stipe Miocic via TKO (Punches) Round 1, 4:33 to become the NEW UFC Heavyweight Champion

Brock Lesnar entered the cage after the fight and shoved Daniel Cormier and then cut a pretty sweet promo. They are fighting I think that’s pretty much obvious. Great night of fights and thanks for reading my coverage.

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