MMATORCH INTERVIEW: Bowker speaks to BTC FC promoter prior to event

Dylan Bowker, MMATorch Contributor

BTC Fight Promotions has been active in the greater Toronto Area for a bit over a year. The organization heads towards their third installment, BTC 3 Prophecy. It goes down Saturday, June 23rd and it’s BTC’s first foray into the Burlington area.

Central Arena is welcoming in a card with exciting debutantes, TKO veterans are competing, and it’s providing some much-needed focus on the Ontario MMA landscape overall.

Ontario is one of the quieter markets in Canada for Mixed Martial Arts action in recent years. Often times fighters have to travel to Alberta, Quebec, or the States to get fights in the absence of regular Ontario events. But that’s where BTC Fight Promotions comes in as they continue to endeavor to carve out that niche in Ontario. BTC is providing a platform for many pugilists to compete in front of their friends and family.

MMA Torch’s Dylan Bowker was able to speak with BTC matchmaker Rob Veevers. Rob gave some great insights into what is looking like another strong BTC Fight Promotions effort. They discussed the two title fights at the top of the card, wanting to be a frontrunner in establishing 165lbs for BTC as MMA moves towards instantiating that weight class into the sport, and so much more!

Listen Here:

(Warning Some language NSFW)

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