REPORT: ESPN and FOX Sports teaming up in bid for UFC television rights

Robert Vallejos, MMATORCH Contributor

The answer to the question, “Who will be the UFC’s new television partner?” might be a complicated one.

According to a report by Variety, ESPN and Fox Sports have teamed up to make the UFC an offer on their upcoming broadcast rights.

The report noted that a ESPN/Fox Sports  partnership could result in at least 15 UFC events being exclusively streamed the the newly launched ESPN+. Currently, access to ESPN+ comes with a $4.99 monthly fee.

While the UFC will not likely receive the $300-$400 million that they initially sought, in the new deal Fox Sports could increase their annual payments to UFC from $120 million to $200 million. Despite Fox Sports increasing their rights fees, a partnership with ESPN would mean that Fox Sports would decreased their live fight inventory.

Fox’s exclusive negotiating window with the UFC expired in late 2017.

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