BELLATOR NYC 6/24: Live results of Sonnen vs. Silva, Mitrione vs. Fedor, and more from MSG

By Cole Henry, MMATorch contributor

Bellator NYC
June 24, 2017
New York City, New York at Madison Square Garden
Airing on Live Pay-Per-View

(1) LORENZ LARKIN vs. DOUGLAS LIMA (c) Bellator Welterweight Championship

Round 1: I missed this round due to connection issues.

Round 2: Lima comes out heavy with a few leg kicks, and backs Larkin against the cage. Lima seems to have a slight speed advantage here. Larkin drove Lima back with a flurry but doesn’t land anything of note. Larkin landed a big right hand, Lima is against the cage, and Lima lands a huge right and Larkin is down. Larkin recovers guard, but he got hit hard there. Lima is in Larkins closed guard. Two minutes left in the round, and they are back on the feet. Larkin is against the cage, and Lima is looking good here. Larkin seems to have recovered, they’re back in the center. Larkin landed a nice right hand. The round ends and I’ll say this one goes to Lima 10-9.

Round 3: Slow start to the round, but Larkin is stalking. Not much happening here about a minute in. Lima is landing low kicks here, but Larkin is moving. Lima lands a nice jab. Larkin is looking but he just isn’t landing much. Lima is moving backwards and landing. Good movement here to avoid Larkins strikes. Just as I say that Larkin lands a nice left body kick. Lima doesn’t waste much time and lands one of his own. Lima lands a nice right hand, and then I think a low blow. The fight stopped for a second but I’m not sure what happened. The round comes to a close. 10-9 Lima

Round 4: We’ve entered the championship rounds. The commentators are saying that Lima is likely up three rounds, for what that’s worth. Lots of swings and misses here by Larkin. Lima seems to have slowed a bit, but its hard to say for sure. Larkin seems fresh, and has picked up his pace a bit. Larkin is starting to land the jab. Lima lands a left hook, midway through the round. Lima throws a left body kick, and slips to the canvas. He jumps up but Larkin lands a nice hook and left kick to the body. Larkin definitely seems like the fresher man. Larkin is starting to open up with his kicks here, this is his best round so far. Nice body kick by Lima, and then Larkin trips and is on his back. The round ends with Larkins back against the cage. 10-9 Larkin

Round 5: Lima is moving a little better in this round. Larkins keeping a quick pace, but neither is landing much. Larkin throws a few flashy kicks, but Lima gets out of the way and they reset in the center. Lima blocks a headkick from Larkin. Lots of movement here, but not much is landing. Two minutes left in the fight. Larkin lands a big left hook, and follows it up with a kick to the body. Lima has slowed again, and is mostly just covering up. Larkin realizes he might be running out of time here. Larkin lands a nice body kick, and Lima answers with a stiff low kick. 10-9 Larkin

I didn’t see the first round so I really can’t make a prediction here.

Result: Douglas Lima via Unanimous Decision

(2) AARON PICO vs. ZACK FREEMAN (Lightweight bout)

Round 1: Freeman lands a nice shot and Pico goes down. Freeman locks on a guillotine choke and Pico is in trouble here, and Pico taps out. Wow…Freeman with the huge upset here. That was the 4th fastest submission in Bellator history.

Result: Zack Freeman defeats Aaron Pico via submission (Round 1, 0:24)


Round 1: Primus seems a bit tentative here. Chandler slips, and as he stands his ankle gives out on him. Primus is attacking, but Chandler is staying composed. Weird fight here. Chandler is hurt, Primus is throwing heavy kicks at the injured leg. Chandler drops Primus, but he jumps right back up. They stop the fight, the doctor is in the cage. The commentators are screaming that the fight should be waved off. This is very strange. Chandler is on the stool having his ankle examined. It’s over, the doctor has called it off. This has been the strangest fight that I have ever seen, but we have a new champion here. They should have called this as soon as they called the doctor in. It appears that Chandler injured his ankle stepping back to avoid a kick. Tough night for Michael Chandler, but Brent Primus is the new Bellator Lightweight Champion.

Result: Brent Primus defeats Michael Chandler via TKO (Round 1 , 2;22)


Round 1: They come out slow and then both land huge shots at the same time! Both men are down, but Mitrione scrambles, Fedor turtles, Mitrone is landing huge shots here and its all over! WOW! Huge win here for Mitrione!

Result: Matt Mitrione defeats Fedor Emelianenko via Knockout (Round 1, 1:14))

Side-note: After the fight Matt Mitrione mentioned that he has a link for a GoFundMe aaccount on his Twitter page. The money will be for the son of Tim Hague. Hague passed away recently after a boxing match. Mitrione asked that you give what you can.

(5) NEIMAN GRACIE vs. DAVE MARFONE (Middleweight)

Looks like we have a swing bout here.

Round 1:  Marfone comes out strong, but Gracie gets a double leg takedown thirty seconds in. Gracie trying to take the back, but Marfone is defending. They’re tied up here, Gracie is still fighting for the back. Marfone shoves Gracie off and they’re back in the center. Gracie lands a big right hand, and then slips to his back. They bump heads as Gracie gets a take down. Gracie is in Marfones half guard here. Gracie transitions to the mount, but Marfone brings it back to half guard. Marfone uses the fence to get back to his feet, and lands a knee to the body. Marfone over exetends on a right, and Gracie shoots but Marfone shakes him off. Gracie lands a nice leg kick, he hasn’t looked bad on the feet here tonight. Marfone attempts a guillotine as the round ends but Gracie wags his finger towards the ref. 10-9 Gracie

Round 2: They exchange strikes to start the round. Gracie doesn’t waste much time and shoots for the takedown, but can’t get it. They’re against the fence…

I apologize but my internet connection decided to act up again so I missed the end of this fight.

Result: Neiman Gracie defeated Dave Marfone via Submission (Round 2, 2:27)

(6) CHAEL SONNEN vs. WANDERLEI SILVA (Light-Heavyweight bout/205)

Round 1: They come out and Sonnen quickly gets him down. Sonnen applying heavy pressure from the top, and Silva is stuck. Sonnen is picking his shots, and landing. Sonnen is sitting in Silva’s guard but Silva isn’t offering up much defense. Sonnen is mixing up punches and elbows. Sonnen attempts a can-opener here, but Silva works out of it. Sonnen is landing lots of little shots here. Just as I say that he lands a huge elbow. Silva just isn’t doing anything to get out of this. And they scramble, they’re back up, and Sonnen puts Silva against the fence. Silva looking for separation and he drops Sonnen. Sonnen locks his guard around Siva and holds on with 90 seconds remaining in the round. Sonnen scrambles and takes Silva down. The round ends with Sonnen on top. 10-9 Sonnen

Round 2: They come out swinging, and Sonnen gets the takedown, but falls into a guillotine. Not much movement here, hard to tell if Sonnen is in danger. They’ve been still for about a minute now. Big John is telling them to work. Big John stands them up, and Sonnen quickly brings it back down to the ground. Tito Ortiz is in the crowd yelling advice for Silva. Good stuff here. Sonnen is working from the top. Silva just doesn’t have much to offer from here. Sonnen is landing light body shots here. The crowd isn’t happy, but I don’t think Sonnen cares. Silva is still stuck on the bottom here, and Sonnen seems content to just apply pressure. The round ends with Sonnen on top. 10-9 Sonnen

Round 3: You guessed it. Sonnen gets the quick takedown. Silva is barely even attempting to stop these take downs. Sonnen applying pressure from the top. Not much happening, but Sonnen is attempting a kimura here. Silva pops his hips, and Sonnen is forced to let it go. He goes for it again, but Silva muscles out of it. Sonnen is really looking for this kimura here, but Silva just isn’t having it. Sonnen gets the mount, and Silva is very frustrated. Sonnen switches to side control, and Silva cant do anything. Sonnen gets the mount again, but isn’t looking for much from there. Sonnen is going to get the win here but that’s about all I can say about this fight. 10-9 Silva

Prediction: Chael Sonnen via Unanimous Decision (30-27)

Wanderlei Silva is furious here, but he couldn’t do anything to stop the takedowns. Sonnen dominated with his wrestling here tonight.

Winner: Chael Sonnen via Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-27×2)

Wanderlei Silva shoves Chael Sonnen as he leaves the cage. Sonnen is cutting a heel promo here on just about everybody. He’s calling out Fedor after claiming he submitted Tito in the first round. It’s always a good time when Chael Sonnen is involved. That’s it for tonight but Bellator will return on July 14th with Patricky Pitbull vs. Derek Campos 2.

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