Mark Hunt discusses whether he feels pressure fighting in front of home crowd tomorrow night against Derrick Lewis on UFC Fight Night

By Wade Keller, MMATorch editor

Mark Hunt fights Saturday night Auckland, New Zealand, in front of his home crowd. He says he’s not feeling extra pressure as a result. But he stressed his desire for his opponent to fight clean.

“No pressure,” he said on FS1’s “UFC Tonight” this week. “I’m just looking forward to working in a couple of days. I respect Derrick. He’s hopefully clean. That’s the main thing. That’s all I ask for.”

Hunt is unfazed by the momentum and buzz behind Derrick Lewis, who is 18-4 professionally with a six fight win streak in UFC. “Not really,” Hunt said. “This is the best in the world. This is the heavyweight division. These are the big boys and they throw a lot of heat. Nothing I’ve never seen before. I’ve fought the best in the world.”

He again went back to saying that his losses were against cheater, so if Lewis is clean, he’s confident he’ll win. “This is my hood,” he said. “This is my area of the world. I’m going to knock his face off. I didn’t get up the last couple of times, because those guys are cheating pricks. If he’s clean, we’re going to get it on.”

Win or lose, is he considering retirement? “They always ask,” he said. “I’ve still got an opportunity here with the UFC. I’ve got three fights left. I’ll quit when I’m ready. I’ll quit on my terms, when this body and this mind has had enough.”


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