Woodley predicts Cub Swanson beats Lobov on Saturday night, but says what Lobov’s strategy should be to score upset

By Wade Keller, MMATorch editor

Cub vs, Kron
Cub Swanson (photo credit Tom Szczerbowski © USA Today Sports)

Saturday night, in the main event of UFC Fight Night on Saturday night live on FS1, Cub Swanson faces Artem Lobov. Current UFC Welterweight Champ Tyron Woodley believes Swanson is going to win.

“I’ve got to go with the experienced veteran,” he said on FS1’s “UFC Tonight” this week. “He’s the longer opponent and has about five inches of reach on Lobov. I think it’ll probably be a TKO in the second round. He’ll overwhelm him, see that he’s hurt and will take him out.”

Woodley believes not only that Swanson will win, but he’ll do so in his usual exciting fashion. “Cub comes forward, throws spinning stuff and flying knees,” he said. “He never stops coming forward. That’s why he’s a finisher. You’re always in for an exciting fight with Cub. His keys to win this fight, he needs to be aggressive and he needs to vary his attack. You never know what direction he’s coming from.”

If Lobov has a chance, what is his best strategy? Woodley says closing the distance is key to having a “fight’s chance” here. “He has nothing to lose in this fight. He’s a brawler,” he said. “It’s a main event. He’s trained with the best in the world including Conor McGregor. We should see some improvements in his game. They’re always trying to add to their arsenal. His keys are he has to close the distance. He can’t fight Cub from the outside. And he needs to land the takedown. That gives him more opportunity to land the damage and pull the upset.”

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