ROUNDTABLE: Which opponent did you want to see Jon Jones fight more – Rumble Johnson or Daniel Cormier?

Jon Jones (photo credit Joshua Dahl © USA Today Sports)

What fight did you want to see more – Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones or Rumble Johnson vs. Jon Jones?


Stylistically I was much more interested in Rumble Johnson vs. Jone Jones. While Jon Jones is still in his prime, Anthony Johnson might have been the only opponent that has a realistic chance of beating him. I believe that Jones is a superior fighter, but the KO potential of Johnson made the fight intriguing.

With that said, I do believe that the UFC needs to exercise the demons of Cormier vs. Jones. The sour taste of UFC 200 still lingers. If Jones can make it to a fight, they really should book it before the bottom falls out again.


I’ve already seen Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones so the easy pick here was Rumble vs. Jones. Or even more honestly, Rumble vs. Anyone.


I was infinitely more interested in Rumble Johnson vs. Jon Jones than I am Daniel Cormier vs. Jones. We’ve seen the Cormier fight already and it wasn’t that exciting. Plus, with all of the start and stop promotion that has happened for this fight, it feels like we’ve seen it even more. We know that Jones can take a punch, but we’ve never seen him take the kind of punch that Anthony Johnson can deliver so it is for that reason alone that was the fight I’d prefer to see.


I’m a big Rumble Johnson fan so I automatically go with Rumble vs. Jon Jones. I also think that fight would be way more exciting. Given the power that Johnson has, there’s always the possibility that he punches Jones so hard it sends him flying into the cage and we get a big highlight reel finish. With Jones-Cormier 2, it’s hard to say exactly what we’d get. We don’t know what Jones will be like. He could come back as good as ever and dominate Cormier. He could come back a shell of himself and get dominated. What’s most likely to happen is somewhere in between that and we get a close, but dull, fight.

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