Ecochard’s Live UFC 211 REPORT 4/8: Cormier vs. Johnson, Weidman vs. Mousasi, Calvillo vs. Gonzalez

UFC 210: Cormier vs. Johnson 2
APRIL 8, 2017

Welcome to the live play by play for UFC 210 with me, Matthew Ecochard covering the fights tonight. The UFC is airing live on PPV from Buffalo, NY this Saturday for the card headlined by Daniel Cormier’s rematch with Anthony “Rumble” Johnson. The preliminary fights are spaced out across the UFC Fight Pass web service and Fox Sports 1. Fighter’s MMATorch rankings are to the right of their names. Join us throughout the night for ongoing coverage, results and analysis. Fight’s will begin around 6:15 PM EST so come back here at this link then.


(1) Jenel Lausa vs. Magomed Bibulatov (Flyweight 125 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Bibulatov takes the center early and puts the pressure on Lausa. Rogan speaks about the true martial art skills of Bibulatov with multiple high level backgrounds. Distance is kept with side kicks and spinning attempts by Bibulatov. Not a whole lot happening with Lausa looking for only big shots. A nice left hand landed by Bibulatov and the action gets stopped because of a cup shot landed on Lausa. Hard spinning back fists are getting close to landing every time, but are just missing for Bibulatov. A knee is landed to the body just as the horn sounds.

ROUND TWO: Lausa was pressuring with the takedown and was having more success in this round than the entire last one. Bibulatov lands a couple of good shots, but in a scramble Bibulatov lands a really hard kick straight to the cup. A point gets deducted from Bibulatov for the second hard groin shot. As soon as the action restarts Bibulatov gets a takedown and is just controlling from the top, peppering in some decent punches here and there. Lausa throws up a lazy triangle attempt, but nothing stems from it. The second round ends with some nice shots from Bibulatov.

ROUND THREE: Bibulatov comes out with a side kick then wheel kick and lands a big takedown only thirty seconds in. Hard elbows are pouring down as Bibulatov looks to pin down an arm with his knee. Lausa is tired and not doing from off of his back. Three minutes to go with just simple striking pouring down. Full mount via a fluid transition, Bibulatov is looking to posture up and rain down strikes, but Lausa makes it back to half guard. Not a whole lot happening here, but a decision looks to be clear for Bibulatov. The last ten seconds has Bibulatov landing harder and harder shots. 92 strikes to 35 for Bibulatov and 2 takedowns to 0 for him as well.

Result: Magomed Bibulatov via Unanimous Decision (29-26 x3)

Ecochard’s Analysis: There was quite a bit of hype to Magomed Bibulatov that it is hard for him to live up to here. He looked impressive for sure and a ranked opponent could bring out the best in him. Lausa had a little success on the feet, but was definitely outclassed here in a mostly tentative fight.

(2) Katlyn Chookagian vs. Irene Aldana (Women’s Bantamweight 135 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Chookagian is throwing some strikes, but it seems to be to try to set up a takedown. Chookagian is throwing the better strikes with some nice sneaky high kicks. Aldana is being kept on heels and isn’t being allowed to set up her strikes. Aldana finally gets some forward pressure. Some good exchanges as the round gets closer to the end by Aldana. Chookagian lands a takedown as the round comes to a close. Smart as it keeps Aldana on her toes and gives her something to think about.

ROUND TWO: Aldana comes out much more aggressive this round, lands a nice knee to the mid section of Chookagian. Aldana is starting to take control here. The exchanges are very close here, but it is Aldana landing the harder shots for sure. Nice left hook and knee from Aldana, but she slips and Chookagian rushes her. They seperate and Chookagian looks for the takedown again, but she stuffs it now. Tough round to score.

ROUND THREE: Chookagian comes out with a few head kicks back to back. Chookagian might get the nod here as she has the forward momentum more often than Aldana, even if Aldana is landing the better shots. The kicks of Chookagian are really adding up, to the legs now instead of the head. Very close fight here and incredibly hard to score. Aldana put the pressure on at the end here. I really have no clue who wins this one.

Result: Katyln Chookagian via Split Decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29) 

Ecochard’s Analysis: Such a close, evenly matched fight that neither fighter should be disappointed here. In fact, both fighters definitely gained stock with this war here tonight. 

(3) Josh Emmett vs. Desmond Green (Lightweight 155 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Emmett is definitely the better striker out of these two early on. The harder, power shots are coming from Emmett and Green is trying to be more fluid with his strikes. A hard low kick to the cup from Emmett stops the action momentarily. Green actually had Emmett on the back peddle with a nice combination. Some solid exchanges go towards the bell. Green didn’t even go for a takedown this round which surprises me.

ROUND TWO: More energy being used by Emmett with these power shots and running towards Green. Counter-shots are starting to add up for Green. Emmett shoots for a takedown but is stuffed for Green. Nice kick and right hand combo from Green, getting more comfortable as this fight goes on. A nice 1-2 lands from Green and it stuns Emmett momentarily. Emmett comes forward like a wild man as the round comes to a close, but Green is just being so elusive and counter striking so well that Emmett is most likely down two rounds to none.

ROUND THREE: Emmett comes out ferociously, but gets taken down by Green in return. Emmett is playing with a few different submission attempts, but gets back up to his feet instead. Emmett looks tired but is swinging as hard as possible, knowing he needs a finish. An uppercut lands and stuns Emmett, Green needs to move in on the strikes when he hurts him like that. Green is taking the lead with 43 head strikes compared to the 23 of Emmett. Taunting from Emmett because he is frustrated by Green’s counter striking. Emmett is the aggressor, but he isn’t landing nearly as much. This should go to Green.

Result: Desmond Green via Split Decision (30-27, 29-28, 28-29)

Ecochard’s Analysis: Green had an impressive debut showing he could easily be a top 20 if not top 15 lightweight in the UFC. This was the striking of Green on display, but that’s not even his best trait to MMA. To outstrike the durable Emmett really had proved the strengths of Green and he should get a step up next time out.

(4) Gregor Gillespie vs. Andrew Holbrook (Lightweight 155 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Gillespie comes out and lands a 1-2 and a  hard left and drops Holbrook right away. He follows up a couple of hard shots on the ground and that’s it! Wow, impressive stuff from Gillespie here.

Result: Gregor Gillespie via KO Round 1 (:22)

Ecochard’s Analysis: Impressive stuff, not much to go on. Rough for Holbrook to just get caught like that so quickly, but that’s all she wrote for him and a quick night of work for Gillespie. 


(5) Patrick Cummins vs. Jan Blachowicz (Light Heavyweight 205 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Both men meet in the center, Blachowicz lands a nice left hand early, rocks Cummins! Cummins gets back to his feet and he drops Blachowicz! Insane! Cummins goes for a choke, but slips out and then he gets hurt with a body kick by Blachowicz. Cummins is really wobbly still from these hard shots. A hard left hand stuns Cummins, but he won’t drop. Clinching is stalling the action in between some hard combinations. Cummins gets the takedown, but not doing much. Blachowicz throws a triangle attempt, but uses it to get up and the horn sounds. Interesting round with some fun action.

ROUND TWO: Blachowicz lands a nice couple of shots, but can’t quite put him away. Cummins lands a takedown and this is where he might start taking control of the fight. Blachowicz gets up again, this is turning into a grueling fight. Lots of clinch work keeps them busy. The pace is crazy and both men are exhausted. Blachowicz even looks for a takedown here, but the horn sounds and the round ends.

ROUND THREE: Cummins comes for in for a takedown and gets it, he is starting to have more success as the fight goes on. Blachowicz goes for an armbar attempt, but it fails. Nothing is really happening with two and a half to go in the final round. Blachowicz moves and tries to shoot for a takedown, but gets stuffed with a d’arce choke attempt. Multiple kick attempts from Blachowicz. Cummins is landing multiple knees and hurting Blachowicz. One final minute to go here. Cummins rides out the last minute on top and what heart shown by Cummins.

Result: Patrick Cummins via Majority Decision (29-28 x2, 28-28)

Ecochard’s Analysis: Cummins was as close as can be to being finished in that first round, but he had .shown incredible heart by powering through. Blachowicz gassed himself out with the hard shots and being slightly rocked himself in that first round. Cummins’ chin is left suspect, but his heart certainly can not be questioned. 

(6) Charles Rosa vs. Shane Burgos (Featherweight 145 lbs)

ROUND ONE: This should be a good one. Both men trade some kicks early with a nice switch kick from Rosa. The hand speed and power of Burgos help him land hard on some counters. Burgos is keeping Rosa pressed against the cage with some hard shots landing. Rosa is trying to be creative with spins and looping hits. Rosa is all about the kicks here, keeping Burgos guessing and at distance. Tonight is the night of cup kicks as Burgos eats a inside leg kick gone wrong to pause the action. Burgos comes out angrily and lands a nice uppercut. A small takedown as Rosa goes for a spin kick, but they both stand right back up to their feet. Fun round.

ROUND TWO: Rosa pushes Burgos to the fence and gets a takedown, but only for a second as Burgos stands back up. Rosa is still in tight with his arms wrapped around Burgos’ body. Burgos is having a harder time finding Rosa in this round as Rosa is landing and getting away often. Rosa lands a nice right hand that stuns Burgos. The low kicks are starting to stun Burgos and give him a little bit of a limp. Spinning back-fist lands lightly on Burgos’ chin. Nice couple of shots from both to end the round.

ROUND THREE: Rosa is looking pretty tired at the start of this round. A nice takedown attempt from Rosa gets stuffed with some hard strikes. Rosa is doing a good job of keeping distance and landing. Burgos lands a huge shot, then a flying knee! Man how is Rosa still standing. A hard left drops Rosa then as he gets up he is clipped again.

Result: Shane Burgos via TKO Round 3 (1:59)

Ecochard’s Analysis: What a fun technical fight. Rosa was hitting Burgos with all sorts of kicks and was looking good throughout, but just couldn’t keep up with the power of Burgos. At 9-0 with some solid power and good cardio Burgos is going to be a monster at featherweight. Keep an eye on him in the year or so and he should be a top 10 fighter. 

(7) Kamaru Usman vs. Sean Strickland (Welterweight  170 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Usman gets hit low early, but the referee says it is all good, so Usman shoots in for a takedown, doesn’t get it but holds Strickland against the cage with his hands grasped around his waist. Strickland is struggling to get him off of him and Usman gets the takedown. Strickland can’t get back to his feet. Usman is just so good in the wrestling department, not many people would be able to get back up against him. Usman hasn’t really done any damage, but Strickland didn’t do a single thing. The left eye of Strickland has some blood around it.

ROUND TWO: Chasing down Strickland is Usman, throwing lots of punches, and he is landing and hurting Strickland. Strickland’s eye is hurting bad and it is messing with his vision. Usman lands a nice shot with two and a half minutes left in the round and almost finishes Strickland. To avoid further damage Strickland sticks his head underneath Usman, but Usman ends up on top. Strickland is just surviving this round.

ROUND THREE: A medical time out has the doctor looking at the left eye of Strickland, but he allows the fight to continue. Usman fakes a takedown and lands a hard shot. Usman is head hunting Strickland with his movements and huge overhand rights. A takedown is landed with relative ease again by Usman. Strickland could lose this fight with three 10-8 rounds. A nice combination makes Strickland flinch. This is all Usman in one of the most dominant fights I’ve seen in a while. The final horn sounds and what an easy fight for Usman.

Result: Kamaru Usman via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-26 x2)

Ecochard’s Analysis: Usman was just on another level tonight and needs a top 10 opponent or he is just being wasted. The wrestling of Usman is one thing, but he can use the threat of the takedown to land some nice punches and work the striking game. Strickland is no slouch, but he just couldn’t do a single thing here tonight. 

(8) Myles Jury vs. Mike De La Torre (Featherweight 145 lbs)

ROUND ONE: A bunch of strikes by both but nothing landing. Jury gets a takedown early with some scrambling from both. Jury switched from an Anaconda attempt to taking the back. A body triangle gets locked in and is working towards a rear-naked choke. Jury flattens De La Torre out and is just pounding strikes away. Torre is getting lit up here and I’m surprised the fight hasn’t been stopped. Jury is threatening with strikes and submission attempts. Elbows are coming down hard, then punches and the fight is stopped.

Result: Myles Jury via TKO Round 1 (3:30)

Ecochard’s Analysis: This was all Jury here from start to finish. Mike De La Torre has good striking, but the moment the fight hit the ground he had nothing to offer up. Jury looked great on the feet, but especially on the ground. Great work from him here tonight and good on him for getting his first win in years. 

PPV MAIN CARD (10:00 PM ET / 7:00 PM PT)

(9) Will Brooks vs. Charles Oliveira (Lightweight 155 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Oliveira takes down Brooks within the first minute. Brooks slowly makes his way to the cage and gets back up, but instantly he gets taken down by Oliveira again. Oliveira gets the back of Brooks as he stands up and is going for the rear naked choke. Will Brooks is in deep trouble here. Brooks gets choked out.

Result: Charles Oliveira via Submission Round 1 (2:30)

Ecochard’s Analysis: Will Brooks was just outclassed on the ground here by Oliveira here. The move up to lightweight makes Oliveira look strong and he might have more energy at this weight class. Brooks needs to go back to the drawing board here and rethink some of his strategy. Oliveira deserves a ranked opponent at lightweight next time out.

(10) Thiago Alves vs. Patrick Cote (Welterweight 170 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Leg kicks are traded as the fight begins. Cote comes forward with a nice 1-2 follow up to another leg kick. Alves lands a nice knee coming out of the clinch. Cote seems like he got hurt slightly. Alves just gets the edge of a head kick and Cote nods with respect. A flurry from both, but neither connects clean. Even trades back and forth for a little bit in the middle of the round. The last minute has Alves landed a flush shot and dropping Cote, jumping into guard and landing some hard shots, but he survives the round.

ROUND TWO: Cote comes out a little stronger this round. Cote’s back gets against the fence and Alves lands some hard sharp strikes and elbows against the cage. Alves is just hitting harder here and seems to be slightly quicker to the punch. Cote lands a couple tough right hands in a row the cause a stutter in Alves, but he eats them and keeps coming forward. Cote lands some nice shots again, but he eats a hard counter and gets dropped. Beginning to recover, Cote looks to throw some feints Alves’ way. Fun round with both men landing some hard strikes at different points.

ROUND THREE: Coming forward is Cote and lands a nice shot that catches Alves and he drives in deep for a takedown but Alves stuffs it. Alves goes for a takedown and controls Cote for about a minute on the ground. Cote pushes him off with his feet and gets back up. Alves lands a nice body kick and Cote winces. Cote throws an uppercut and hurts Alves. He then teases a few more but throws some different punches. Thirty seconds left as a crimson masked Cote is coming forward. A giant flying knee from Alves lands but doesn’t drop Cote. Alves should definitely be the winner here, but really fun fight.

Result: Thiago Alves via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)

Ecochard’s Analysis: Alves looked like he turned back the clock a few years with this fight. Cote was just a step too slow in every department. Mild success from Cote throughout, but couldn’t quite pull the trigger. Alves won’t make it back to a title fight, but he did a fine job here.

Patrick Cote retires here tonight. Wow, he looked decent here tonight and could certainly beat lesser fighters, but good for him to go out on his own terms.

(11) Cynthia Calvillo vs. Pearl Gonzalez (Women’s Strawweight 115 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Calvillo is circling rapidly and throwing lots of jabs and feints. Calvillo throwing a lot, but not really landing anything of note. Gonzalez throws less often than she should be. Calvillo lands a few shots cleanly finally. Gonzalez is the one moving forward, but is throwing about a third of the strikes that Calvillo is. Two or three solid punches land, then Gonzalez shoots into the cage for a failed takedown. Calvillo lands a good knee in the clinch and threatens with a choke, but nothing comes of it. High paced so far. Gonzalez goes for the takedown but Calvillo almost takes the back, but switches to a triangle, but only 10 seconds and the round ends.

ROUND TWO: Gonzalez is still the one pushing forward here, but Calvillo is landing at a fairly constant pace. Gonzalez shoots for a takedown and falls into full mount. She shoots for her armbar, but its loose. Gonzalez is looking to adjust, but Calvillo ends up on top. She switches to the back and has Gonzalez in a rough spot. Calvillo is looking for the rear-naked choke and has two minutes to do so. Gonzalez is fighting the hands pretty well. Calvillo just has the cross face, Gonzalez looks to spin out, but Calvillo spins with her and stays on the back. Thirty seconds left and Calvillo is striking away while riding Gonzalez’s back.

ROUND THREE: Gonzales is looking fairly strong here, but both ladies are really tired here with a lot less output compared to the first two rounds. Calvillo lands a trip and is on top with three minutes to utilize. Calvillo won’t allow Gonzalez to escape her scrambles and she takes her back once again. Calvillo has the rear-naked again, but it’s only over the chin again and not under it. Calvillo gets the choke under the chin this time and Gonzalez taps.

Result: Cynthia Calvillo via Submission Round 3 (3:45)

Ecochard’s Analysis: Another impressive fight for Calvillo and that’s two wins in just over a month’s time. Gonzalez looks pretty good and might fare well against some of the other strawweights. Calvillo is going to be very hard to beat and I’d love to see her against a ranked strawweight next time out. 

(12) Chris Weidman (5) vs. Gegard Mousasi (6) (Middleweight 185 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Weidman is light on his feet, while Mousasi is really loading up his right hand. Weidman goes deep in and gets the early takedown. A deep guillotine choke is defended well by Mousasi. Weidman gets another takedown, that’s two in a two and a half minutes. Mousasi gets back to his feet again and is swinging hard with his shots. Weidman has his hands locked around Mousasi against the cage. A nice couple shots land for Weidman and Mousasi gets hurt. Weidman grapples Mousasi and gets a small takedown, but with no dominant position. With 10 seconds left Weidman shoves Mousasi back and he slips and Weidman dives into him on the ground and the round ends.

ROUND TWO: Mousasi comes out and hurts Weidman with multiple shots and won’t let up. Right hands landing at will for Mousasi. Clinched against the cage, until the referee separates them. Mousasi hurts Weidman, but he takes Mousasi down. Mousasi just let Weidman back into this round. Weidman gets into full mount, then right into back control. They scramble and switch positions multiple times and get back to their feet. An illegal knee lands because both of Weidman’s hand on the ground. Huge controversy as the NYSAC decides that Chris Weidman can’t continue. What in the hell is happening here?

Result: Gegard Mousasi via TKO Round 2

Ecochard’s Analysis: So…. what? The referee steps in to stop the bout momentarily due to an illegal knee. Two minutes into resting, he asks another referee if it was illegal and it turns out it wasn’t. The doctors from the NY athletic commision come in and say that Weidman can’t continue. So because it was a legal strike and he can’t continue it becomes a TKO victory for Mousasi I guess? Weidman would’ve been able to continue if the bout just kept on happening as it was. Hopefully a rematch occurs because that fight was really entertaining until that point.

(13) Daniel Cormier (6 P4P, 1 LH)  vs. Anthony Johnson (2) (Light Heavyweight Title Fight Main Event 205 lbs – 5 Rounds)

ROUND ONE: Rumble pressures Cormier towards the cage early. Lands a nice 1-2 combo, then Cormier answers with a big right hand. Rumble initiates the clinch against the cage. Cormier lands a couple of nice knees to Johnson. Multiple elbows to Johnson’s head. Rumble is still searching for a takedown, which seems like an odd decision, he is most likely just wasting his own energy. Big knee from Cormier to the body hurts Rumble. Referee might step in shortly. Rumble threw a bunch of strikes when he had a second, but nothing really came from it. Referee separates it, and Johnson hurts him with a kick! But then goes in for a takedown again? Hmmm, curiouser and curiouser. Strange opening round here.

ROUND TWO: Cormier’s nose is nasty and broken. Johnson switched stances to look for a left high kick. Cormier forces the fight into a clinch against the cage again. Johnson circles out, but is forced to stay in a clinch battle. Rumble gets the takedown, but Cormier gets right back up, switches and gets a takedown of his own and gets Johnson’s back. Cormier begins to work for a rear-naked choke. Landing a few strikes then puts the choke in and Rumble taps instantly.

Result: Daniel Cormier via Submission Round 2

Ecochard’s Analysis: That played out exactly like the first fight did, except almost easier for Cormier. Johnson’s game-plan was questionable at best. Cormier just wore him out and wrestled him to the ground. 

Anthony Johnson retired after the fight. He was one of the more exciting fighters in the division, but good for him to go out how he wants to.

Cormier jokes about him not being liked. Calls out Jimi Manuwa. Jon Jones gets called out next, Cormier says if he isn’t eligible to fight yet, then he doesn’t exist.

Thank you all for joining us tonight for the live play-by-play and continue to follow us for all of the MMA coming up in the next few weeks. Goodnight all.

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