ROUNDTABLE (pt. 1): Predict the outcome of UFC 210’s top two fights – Cormier vs. Johnson and Weidman vs. Mousasi – who wins, how, and when?


We’re just two weeks away! Predict the outcome of UFC 210’s top two fights – Daniel Cormier vs. Anthony Johnson and Chris Weidman vs. Gegard Mousasi. Who wins, how, and when?


I have Anthony Johnson (22-5) catching Daniel Cormier (18-1) and setting up one of the most anticipated matchups of all time – Jon “Bones” Jones (22-1) vs. Anthony “Rumble” Johnson (22-5). I can’t wait!

Chris Weidman (13-2) vs. Gegard Mousasi (41-6-2) is an interesting fight. When put to the test, Mousasi can’t seem to win those big fights. He is riding a four-fight winning streak, but all were opponents he should have beat. This would certainly be the biggest win of his career if he could pull it off and opens him up for a top five guy. For Weidman, its make or break. He is coming off back to back losses to Luke Rockhold (15-3) and Yoel Romero (13-1). The latter being in devastating fashion, after dropping the belt to Rockhold. If he loses this fight, he’s at the back of the line when it comes to title shots and he surely loses his top five spot. Despite the pressure he may be feeling coming into this fight, I see Weidman being a determined man using his wrestling and power to overwhelm Mousasi. Weidman by 2nd round TKO.


As good as Daniel Cormier has proven to be in his 30s, I think UFC 210 will be the night that he looks like an “old” fighter. Unless Cormier can make the fight go long and really test the stamina of Anthony Johnson, he will struggle with the power of Johnson. I see this as a second round TKO for Johnson.

Unfortunately for Chris Weidman, I see UFC 210 as a continuation of his recent slide. Over the long haul, I think Weidman is a better fighter than Gegard Mousasi, but this is an issue of timing. Something tells me it is going to take some time for Weidman to recover from his last two losses, and Mousasi is not the opponent to “get right” against. I see this as a definitive decision for Mousasi.


I’m a big “Rumble” Johnson fan, but I have to go with Cormier here. I don’t believe Cormier for a single second that he’s going to stand and trade with Rumble. That would be insane. If he decides to stand with Rumble, there’s a good possibility that he either gets knocked over the cage wall or knocked through it. It wouldn’t make any sense to play into Johnson’s world like that. I expect Cormier to take the fight to the ground and work for the submission or ground-and-pound victory. In other words, I expect a repeat of their first fight. Cormier absolutely could knock Johnson out, but why take that risk? I expect Cormier to play to his own strengths and get the fight to the ground.

As for the other fight, I just can’t see Chris Weidman losing three fights in a row. Mousasi definitely has the skill to beat him, but I think Weidman works his grappling and gets a safe decision win. I don’t think it’ll be very exciting, but Weidman needs to stop this losing streak and get back on track. I think he fights cautiously and works to make sure he gets the win.


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